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    #401832012-10-08 21:28:20 *XLuciant said:


    Due to all the commotion about who is KING or QUEEN of CL I decided to hold an election. This election shall be held each 2 months. The King/Queen will be honored in the chat and the forum area at ALL TIME (while they are King/Queen). When ever the monarch enters the chat they should be properly greeted with something like "greetings King of Colorless" or "I welcome you to the chat your majesty". When the election ends I will add up the votes and announce who is THE KING OF COLORLESS!

    Some rules and guide lines:

      -you may only vote for one person 
      -you can vote for your self
      -this election will end by 29th of October 
      -you can only vote for CL users 
      -I will also collect the votes from
       "The colorless king" thread

    Special thanks to:

    Oppaaai - for bringing it up in the first place.

    Wolfangle - for giving me ideas for the election.


  2. #401982012-10-08 22:32:56SENsei said:

    So we're finally having a election to decide who the biggest fag on CL is. This day came earlier than I thought.

    In honor of this moment, I vote OP for both King Fag and Queen Fag.

  3. #402062012-10-08 23:52:27 *Wolfangle said:

    @XLuciant :c i was gonna make this thread..but what ev.. you should make a poll for the top 10 results

    my idea's below

    Winner gets Loyal Respect

    They can not be chosen for the next term after being elected

    A custom King/Queen gravatar by a volunteer

    And their names in the chat & thread become golden :3 @acostoss or any other mod, if you don't mind changing font color for the names

    I will vote for @Oversol to be Lord fag...unless someone wants to vote for Prince wolfy

  4. #402102012-10-09 02:18:43XLuciant said:


    First: LOL

    Second: I was planning on making this thread since the first time that I saw the colorless King thread but I couldn't get my self to do it because I was too lazy. Then I saw your post and decided that I should finally make.

  5. #402122012-10-09 02:28:07Sol said:

    Wellllp, Make a poll , and put the people on who they want to vote for. Then you'll see the votes there.

    King fag has a great ring to it. Fuck yeah.