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  1. PETA attacks childhood; Polnareff laughing too hard to give a shit.

    #403702012-10-11 15:56:41 *Polnareff said:

    PETA has sunk to a new low recently, Releasing "Pokemon: Black & Blue" a parody of the same-day released Pokemon: Black and white 2. In this game, Which can be played HERE, you play as Pikachu, joined by the other, "abused and mistreated" pokemon, in a fight to "Free" pokemon from mankind's "Tyrannical and abusive rule over pokemon"

  2. #403712012-10-11 16:02:49SENsei said:
    Apparently your link is formatted like this:


    When it should be this:


    Obviously in markdown it'd look different.
  3. #403762012-10-11 16:37:22eterno said:

    Actually, this game isn't bad at all. This is more like a decently written fanfiction but just happened to be made by PETA.

    And yeah, I kinda imagined that team plasma might be the good guys after all. I mean, N is the head and everything so the ending kind of makes sense.

    Also, you get to hurt Ash Ketchum in this game, what more could you ask?

  4. #403822012-10-11 18:03:59SENsei said:

    im gonna be a vegan for a week now T~T

    Man, get your weak shit outta here. I'm still eatin' meat because it's fucking delicious.

  5. #404032012-10-12 00:41:11Mau said:

    You're gonna go Vegan over a Pokemon Parody?
    Really? Shit if anything you should eat Pokemon themed meat dishes to celebrate this game.
  6. #405182012-10-13 02:33:51Chestnut_Rice said:

    Also this game is stupidly fun, I agree. But really PETA, targeting Pokemon? It's like targeting CoD for including: gasp, guns! Or railing against Harry Potter because it's about witchcraft. What a load of bull.

  7. #406162012-10-14 16:34:37loploplopl said:

    I'm sorry but just because a cow is killed for meat (correction: slaughtered) will not make me stop eating meat. We are at the top of the food chain for a reason. I don't see peta complaining how bears eat fish or tigers eating gazelles. Also its just a video game because we REALLY capture dragons and have them cause meteor showers on to a single rock monster. Its pocket monsters not enslaved animals.

  8. #406172012-10-14 16:40:16SENsei said:

    Team Plasma and N are like the pseudo-Pokemon world PETA, and we kicked all of their asses, therefore, we can do whatever the fuck we want.