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[PROJECT] The Colorless DS

  1. #405652012-10-13 18:58:31MrTrain said:

    @Robinesque Well at the moment, I'd like to say that the appearance of: Server-tan, Server-kun, Error-kun, and MrTrain are confirmed You probably could be in it too you'll have to create a character.

  2. #405682012-10-13 20:02:35 *Momimochi said:
    Wait, wait, so, how do those three look like again?

    Still like this?

    Spoiler (Show)
    Also, is, err, Server-kun still gay for Error-kun? LOL

    EDIT: Supporting @Chestnut_Rice on that statement.

    Also, nominating Sen to be the Hazama of this or something
  3. #405702012-10-13 20:54:04 *Ashkachan said:

    I can help out with the art if you want. I need some more practice with my new tablet anyway, ahaha.

    EDIT: Wait, do you need a background artist? I'm down for that too.

  4. #405712012-10-13 20:56:44 *MrTrain said:

    @Momimochi I really don't know/haven't decided, that's one of the reasons I made the thread.

    Haha I wonder, but if that were the case they would be unavailable or you'd have to woo them both and then have a threesome(?)

  5. #405722012-10-13 20:59:29SENsei said:

    you'd have to woo them both and then have a threesome(?)

    It's easier than it sounds. Trust me, I know my eroge.

  6. #405902012-10-14 03:40:22MrTrain said:

    @ponta Well I already have a skype account if you mean that, and could you please make the google doc group, I've never used that before.

  7. #405922012-10-14 03:48:14Polnareff said:

    I would like to be a random background character in the high-school rooftop scene... since there is always a high-school rooftop scene

  8. #406402012-10-15 01:24:38 *SENsei said:

    I vote for SENsei, Pato, Kosuke, Yumi, and Perry to be in this shit.


    Pato and Sen both have my vote!


    Nominate Sen, Kosuke, Perry to be in this.