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  1. The Official Colorless Karaoke/Song Cover Collection

    #408222012-10-17 17:25:04 *Warlock said:

    So, I figured we could all have some fun with this! Just PM or make a reply with a link to an uploaded cover of the song you're singing. For those who do not know what a cover is, it's just you singing over an instrumental version of a song. I've already got a few from various people.

    I also don't expect perfection of any kind. This is just for fun, so it's your choice if you practice a lot on the song or not. I may add these songs to the radio at various times too. However, for now, I'd just like to make a nice collection for people to enjoy. This event will be ongoing, since there is no current end date.

  2. #408842012-10-18 22:43:51Momimochi said:
    That thing has plunged into the darkness of the abyss so deep that no poor soul would want to remember.

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    translation: That shit was embarassing; don't bring it up again
  3. #409482012-10-19 21:20:04Momimochi said:

    ^ wait. What. Dude, the link to the download was posted like, fricken months ago. I think I might still have it buried in my phone somewhere or something if you still want it.

  4. #409982012-10-21 03:26:57zatsunen said:

    Hmm does anyone know any relatively simple programs (and free...) that I can use to edit my covers in? I've been using audacity all along but it just sounds weird with the music for some reason. Though it may have something to do with recording it with my ipod touch...

  5. #413892012-10-27 06:58:12zatsunen said:
    @Warlock I am using audacity. XD As momimochi said, it's probably just my crappy mic that makes everything sound weird...
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    or my voice.. OTL
    I have googled it but I just wanted to see what everyone else uses, or get some recommendations. The ones I've seen from googling look quite complicated.
  6. #591182013-06-14 07:57:18Hika said:

    Long long ago, in a land far far away... The oldfags of yonder covered the Durarara opening song. Except now I'm too lazy to find it.

    Nvrmind I got it: