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  1. Funny Cosplay and Convention Stories

    #414682012-10-28 19:56:00Jenna38 said:
    Post your funniest cosplay and convention moments EVAR! It's always fun to hear about everyone's most ridiculous moments SO have funz and Post Away....I won't stop you. ummm unfortunately I don't have any funny cosplay moments to tell as of yet but I'm sure MOST if not ALL of YOU do.
  2. #414812012-10-29 01:21:16bleachedsnow said:

    There's a group of guys who come as the Eeveelutions every year at AX. They do the craziest shit. The Minun's new though. The Spiderman was just passing by.





    And a bunch of people getting up close and personal with Pikachu. (Mostly SWAT or whoever they are.)