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  1. Secret Santa 2012

    #417942012-11-04 20:54:54 *Xyopq said:

    SECRET SANTA 2012!!

    So since it worked out so well when @someone created this tread last year at least for me ^_^ , I thought we should do it again this year! Most of the info in the OP was acquired from @someone's thread since the rules and info needed are generally the same.

    What is it? Simply put, it’s a gift exchange, except instead of all of us meeting up at some part of the world (which we could all totally do), we mail each other gifts!

    How does it work? For those that don’t know how it works, it’s simple (I think). You will be randomly given a name/info of person that also signed up, and you send them a gift. Said person will also be sending a gift to another person, and so on, so if there were 25 participants, it will go A->B->C->…->X->Y->A, with everyone between A and Y being randomized. In short, no two people will be exchanging between one another. Sounds good? Well it works, so whatever.

    But I don’t celebrate Christmas, will this be an issue? This is being run by an atheist, but you don’t see me not joining.

    Sounds good! How do I sign up? Read the rules below!


    PM me your name, address, and an email which you want to be contacted with to get your match. The cut off time for signups will be on November 18, 2012, whatever time I get up and remember to do it.

    Once this day passes, I will throw all the names into a randomizer aka a hat, and emails will be sent out with relevant info from me like a boss.

    The fun part. You’ll have until December 18, 2012 at the very latest to buy/make a present and ship it out. (PM me when you do, by the way, I’ll keep a tab of it.) What goes in it? Well, whatever you think should go in a present!

    Budget should be roughly >= £10 ($15 or €12.49) (would say £20, but we’re all broke and shipping can be a pain), but handmade/drawn stuff is awesome too, if not encouraged if you’re able to do it (which I know for a fact many of you can do, unlike me :V).

    Don’t tell others who your secret Santa is, nor ask others who they got. Unlike the military, this won’t be repealed because of accusations of discrimination.

    The Don’ts: Don’t be a leech by just receiving a gift, and not sending a gift out. Don’t be a jerk and send something really crappy either. Both situations are equally not cool. I don’t want this to happening to anyone on the receiving end:

    Things to bear in mind during shipping (Sending gifts though the mail, not the other kind of shipping)

    Keep in mind of two major things when sending your gift out: Shipping times and any other inconveniences. While shipping to somewhere across the country is quick and takes only about a week or so, shipping to places like Brazil isn't.

    As for said inconveniences, be aware of what items you can/cannot ship out to, some countries are paranoid like that, depending on the circumstances (example: sending things to Italy is a nightmare if you're from the US, but not so much if you're in Europe thanks to the EU agreements and whatnot). There’s also the huge influx of mail being thrown around at Christmas time and any unforeseen circumstances like the mail service going on strike (yes, this has happened before where I live), so send your gift out accordingly; this is why there’s a month timeframe.











    Temp list:



  2. #418392012-11-05 14:45:57Xyopq said:

    Updated with participants. Also, people need to send me their details so the Santas know where to post the presents to. Note that I won't give out any of the data to anyone else, unless they give me enough money to buy a mech in which case, I'll let you sit in it and shoot stuff up for the trouble.

  3. #418402012-11-05 15:20:09Viral said:

    Put me in on the temp list as well - I want more people to sign up too (aka I'll probably join later)

  4. #424282012-11-11 11:16:09Pariah said:

    No, I am not. The risk involved is simply too high for my liking. I don't want to have to get a proper present for somebody I really dislike while my brain tells me to get them something absolutely abhorrent.

  5. #427602012-11-15 12:44:27Xyopq said:

    Only 3 days left before the pseudo cut-off point people! One more person for an even 10 would be great, but if not I'll either drop-out or put my name in twice to make up for it.


    If you decide to enter, PM me who you don't want to get a present for and if you get them I'll re-draw (although all these people are cool guys) Check out What I got last year

    Besides, what you get them doesn't have to be fancy or anything. Maybe something from your country or a random great Game/DVD/Book you found in a bargain bin (make sure it's region free!).

    Once you get the persons details, stalk them on FB/CL and find out what they like!

  6. #427642012-11-15 14:40:59TalTal said:

    Words cannot comprehend how much I want to do this, but my parents would undoubtedly question who I'm sending the package to.

    I'll be looking on jealously though!