"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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  1. Soranowoto

    #418262012-11-05 07:51:02naidraug said:

    So I just finished this, I searched around on the forum but didn't find anything on it... I thought it was great and really liked the mix of slice of life in a world that is torn up...

    The whole series seemed very healing to me, bringing to mind the word redemption, but that is not quite right, some other word like it...

    I mean yes the main character is basically Yui from K-On... but the juxtaposition this made was very nice... Like the series was saying yes, the world can be horrible,,, but we can do what we can about that, and still find happiness too, even when it is not ok and not by denying it and putting our head in the sand, but facing it, as it is.

    Those were my takes on it anyway,,,

    Did anyone else catch this one?

    What did you guys think?

  2. #418422012-11-05 16:35:27 *Flywalker37 said:

    It's on my to watch list. The pilot didn't really pull me in, so it'll have to wait until Madoka is done.

    EDIT: @naidraug, I haven't finished the anime itself. I'll try to watch Soranowoto once I'm done with Madoka.

  3. #421212012-11-08 08:42:31momo said:

    Iyashikei is the genre you're thinking of. "Healing" shows like Aria fall into this genre.

    I've yet to finish this show, got maybe four episodes in when it originally aired. I've been meaning to finish it, but it is doomed to the depths of my backlog.