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  1. Rare Atari game sells for $33,000USD

    #419002012-11-06 10:35:21 *Deftones said:

    So yeah, guy finds he has old rare Atari game, and sells it.

    According to Atari lore, only 20 copies were ever made, and Harv’s is the only known copy with its own box and manual.

    Here is how he got the game

    Back in the early 1980s, Harv worked at a drugstore that also sold games. (The store, part of a small local chain called Clark Drugs, has since been sucked up by the CVS chain, following a convoluted history of take-overs and acquisitions.)

    He used to deal with videogame distribution reps. One such left him a copy of Air Raid. Writing on the auction page, Harv explains, “I told [the rep] I just could not see putting this game in the store because the game was nothing new and the box design was weak. I did not think kids would be interested. I let him know that I would hold on to the Air Raid for him to pick up on his next visit but he said to go ahead and keep it that he did not get a good response from any of his other accounts. I purchased the sample from my store and took it home to put it in my Atari display case.”

    What does he want to buy with that money? The Aurora Clock is a piece of 1970s cool that Harv Bennett - by his nature, a man who likes to collect things - would very much like to own. He reckons he’ll be able to pick up a working original for about $700.

    Also to help his daughter out or something.

    The only old games I have is snes games.. I don't even have a nes. And even then, isn't the rarest game on that Nintendo championship(Gold cartridge), or something like that.

    Info Info about the game sold