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  1. [CL Cover Project] - Feeler Thread

    #420302012-11-07 12:43:46 *zatsunen said:
    Hey guys, this is just a feeler thread. I'm just trying to gauge how many people are interested in doing this before actually starting a project.

    Firstly, the song will be a VOCALOID song so if you're not interested, then so be it.

    If you're still with me, here is the song in question:

    And here is the off vocal version so you can test if it's doable:

    [Len]Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! to You
    [Chorus]Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! to You

    [Meiko]DEJITARU no toiki no [Luka](come on)
    [Meiko]utahime ga mezameta toki ni
    [Rin]Umareru ongaku no [Luka](check it out)
    [Rin]kaze wa shukufuku no MESSEEJI

    [Kaito]Kimi ni aitai
    [Rin](sugu ni sugu ni)
    [Luka]Soba ni itai na
    [Len](itsumo itsumo)
    [Meiko]Nani ga suki na no?
    [Luka](What do you love? What do you love?)
    [Chorus]Omoi ga todoku koto inotteru

    Hajimete kimi no, koe no ne kiite, sekai ga kawaru, Happy Birthday!
    Chiisai koro ni, yume de miteita, ENJERU ni omedetou! (Omedetou!)
    Toki ni wa boku ga, kodoku de ite mo, kimi ga iru kara, Miku sankyuu!
    [Rin]Tsunagaru yo kimi o suki na nakama to
    [Chorus]Hitotsu ni naru kimochi, to You

    [Rin]Ikusen no, toki koete, hito wa kimi to deau
    [Meiko]Sasayaka de, gomen ne
    [Chorus]Kono uta ga PUREZENTO

    [Luka]Hajimete kimi no, koe no ne kiite, sekai ga kawaru, Happy Birthday!
    [Chorus]Mata atarashii, rekishi o ayumu, ENJERU ni omedetou! (Omedetou!)
    Hajimete boku no, kotoba o kanade, kokoro ga hiraku, Miku sankyuu!
    [Rin]Tsunagaru yo kimi o suki na nakama to
    [Chorus]Hitotsu ni naru kimochi to You
    Namida no EMERARUDO to You

    There are five vocaloids singing in this but I guess if demand is high enough, the lines don't have to be split like that. The vocaloids are: Len, Rin, Luka, Meiko and Kaito.

    Also, if anyone is interested in doing the song mixing, please let me know because I am hopeless at it.

    EDIT: Would the mystery "yes" person please come forward. XD Unfortunately polls are anonymous so I have no idea who it is. If it wasn't clear before, I apologise, but if you're interested, please post so I know who you are. (Also thanks for the support guys hahaha, it's kinda depressing to have so many likes but no posts though. XD)

    EDIT2: Okay, well, we still need someone to mix the song. Also, my computer broke down a couple of days ago so it'll be a while before I can do that properly.
  2. #422182012-11-09 07:59:30Momimochi said:

    Just sayin', but there's a shitload of harmonies in this song and I'll be blunt, people here can't handle doing harmonies. Give them the harmony notes and everything, "Fuck that, Imma do the melody even though it ain't my part". So I'd honestly suggest you find a song with next to no harmonies so there won't be a chance 200% butcher of the song. Just talkin' from what I've seen and heard.

  3. #422192012-11-09 08:07:23zatsunen said:

    That is a very good point. D: Any song suggestions? I don't think I know any which a reasonably large number of people can participate in. Unless the song is split into random parts, not by vocaloid.

  4. #422202012-11-09 08:10:13Momimochi said:

    How about waiting for the "feeler" to end to see how many people wants to participate and find a song based off that number. Sounds 100000x more reasonable.

  5. #422212012-11-09 08:15:39zatsunen said:

    That's a great idea, thanks for the suggestion. I'll leave this thread for the next few days anyway since I'm going away for a short trip so I hope more people will express interest. :>

  6. #422372012-11-09 16:00:32Flywalker37 said:

    Considering the fact that I've only taken about 3 day's worth of Rosetta Stone Japanese Level 1, I'm not entirely able to pronounce all the words correctly, even though I watch a shit-ton of anime ;-;

    Plus it's kinda fast so I'll just take Len's place.

  7. #422732012-11-10 00:48:10 *Mairu said:

    Oh my gosh. I wanna be Rin so bad, but I will butcher it so badly. ;w; I'll try either-way and send it your way @Zatsunen and if it sucks then ehh I tried, but if its not too bad, go ahead and use it~

    Wow. I used a lot of commas.

    EDIT: I'll try Luka as-well.

  8. #423902012-11-11 04:05:20Momimochi said:

    Oh, why don't we just butcher up the meaning to the lyrics by changing "Happy Birthday" to "Merry Christmas". LOLOLLL

    Actually, it's pre' applicable, surprisingly, other than some awkward as fuck parts but yeah. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

  9. #425172012-11-12 11:09:28zatsunen said:

    Back from my trip and whoa! So many responses.

    @momimochi You reckon we should still try another song? I've been thinking about it and I'm not sure if everyone will be able to sing in harmony (I know I can't always do it unless I listen to off vocals with my harmonized part).

    Okay let's see. I'm gonna try to allocate parts according to "first come, first serve" but also "satisfy" everyone who has expressed interest so far. At the moment: @momimochi Len @archangel Kaito @Mairu_Orihara Rin @Flywalker37 Luka (I know it doesn't matter but you know Luka is female right? XD It's a male name too so people might get confused. @Jake What do you want to do?

    At the moment, I'm happy with Meiko's part.

  10. #425202012-11-12 11:43:51Momimochi said:


    Pfft, yeah. There's pre' much nothing for this song other than its nicely integrates harmonies, and especially at that acapella at the end. It'd be near impossible to pull off unless if everyone here takes jazz choir or something.