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[CL Cover Project] - Feeler Thread

  1. #425212012-11-12 12:28:15zatsunen said:

    @Momimochi Hmm alright. I'll be on a lookout for an easier song then... Otherwise we can just do this, I mean it's all for fun anyway and bringing CL community together etc.

    If anyone has a suggestion for an alternative, please post it here.

  2. #425712012-11-13 01:03:06 *zatsunen said:

    I don't really like any of the Christmas vocaloid original songs (not that I've listened to many) but the covers of common christmas songs are quite nice. But then we might as well sing in english since they're usually Christmas favourites like "Jingle Bells" etc. We could try something like 96neko/koge/tenchou:

    I don't think there are instrumentals for their version though, which is unfortunate since the beat is catchy and it's one of my favourite covers...

    Except we can sing in english or japanese... @Jake ..... Lol okay... Well it's not decided what we're doing at the moment so yeah, keep yourself updated with this thread and we may reach a decision sooner or later.

  3. #425742012-11-13 01:32:12zatsunen said:

    @Momimochi HAHAHA that's awesome! I could imagine a CL parody of the mv but I think the actual singing is too high level for us. XD Oh and it's zatsunen. I was wondering why I didn't get notifications.

    @Ipotane You can? Would you be able to work out the harmony for each part and teach it to us? XD

  4. #425772012-11-13 01:57:45Momimochi said:

    OH SHIT. Because I was completely referencing to your name as Zetsuen for the longest time. LOLOL

    It's not that hard to sing, given that we translate some parts to English and just cut/paste the harmonic lalalalala and beginning because NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD ╮(╯▽╰)╭

  5. #426092012-11-13 12:35:30zatsunen said:

    @Ipotane Hmm okay, not sure how much it will help having one person who can harmonise.

    @Momimochi Haha yeah I had a feeling you were thinking that. XD Ehh I still think it's gonna be too difficult for a majority of the people here. I reckon we should just choose some catchy Christmas song that isn't too hard to cover and go with that~

    On a side note, I need someone to cover Suki Kirai with me as Rin. I've got Len's harmony down pat. :>

  6. #426682012-11-14 04:33:33zatsunen said:

    @Flywalker37 Hm.. okay. Autotune.. probably not preferred if everyone else isn't using autotune because that just sounds weird.

    @Momimochi (Yep :D) Haha okay I'll keep that in mind when I have some time since the next week or so will be too busy for me.

    Still on a lookout for a good group song sigh.

  7. #426712012-11-14 04:58:48Momimochi said:


    But dood, there's like, harmonies err'where in that song. Just sayin'. You should prolly Youtube up the harmony parts. Pre' sure some chick posted it up at one point.

  8. #426882012-11-14 06:53:19Momimochi said:

    Yeah. That. Because when my friend and I did it, we were fucking around so hard with the harmonies that it ended up sounding like an octet. Jazz chords everywhere but it sounded horrible so...