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  1. RWBY

    #421132012-11-08 06:40:17 *SENsei said:

    So Monty Oum is working on something new. Srsly, I would have liked to see the continuation of Dead Fantasy, but this looks pretty legit too. There's next to nothing about what this is going to be about yet.

  2. #421202012-11-08 08:38:41momo said:

    I'll just copypaste what I commented when @Fieyr posted this on Facebook:

    I'm loving the visual style they got going. Muted colors with vibrant accents, limited color pallet. It really makes it "pop", so to speak.

    Not to mention fantastic choreography and imaginative weapon design.

  3. #421262012-11-08 09:54:09Rune said:

    That's the best 'generic' anime facial animation I've ever seen. I can tell that he did it frame by frame rather than just having generic scripts to actually animate that face.

  4. #421372012-11-08 11:24:42 *JoJoBird said:

    This is from Roosterteeth? I forget how big they are. Looked really cool I'll have to check it out when it comes out. And yes the badass scythegun that was part transformer was awesome.

  5. #424522012-11-11 19:53:47jkripper123 said:

    This is my life every day UGH i hate fighting off werewolves every day with my shot gun scythe BULLET RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the vid

  6. #484572013-02-15 11:09:40 *Kirn said:

    I have been a big fan of Red vs Blue, which is made by Rooster Teeth who employ Monty, so I have seen the first trailer when it came out. Seemed less interesting than RvsB, but more in style of Monty and sometimes we do need something like this.

    I wonder if Black (which should be the next trailer) would be good, it being me favorite color and all.

  7. #511622013-03-23 07:59:05Kirn said:

    Well, I am sad to say that I expected more... actually, I expected less, and that's what ruined the trailer.

    First ones snowed just Red's and White's fighting, but this one got some sort of plot and concentrates on the guy more than on the Black. Sure, we see her fighting too, but not nearly enough of it. Red and While had much more tricks. Also, I gotta agree with Sen. Voices are not good at all. Especially after watching RvsB and knowing that Rooster Teeth have great voice actors.

    One good thing - the date of premiere is now announced.

  8. #511682013-03-23 12:45:54Cloud-VK said:

    I say the guys voice ruined it, not so much the girls.I also wish they showed off black more, I did love the move she pulled with the ribbon sythe gun. So far though red has had the most impressive fighting style in my opinion.