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  1. #1086962017-01-07 16:34:38 *Kirn said:

    Something I should have written before, but forgot.

    Since this is the season that is now made without Monty, I was obviously very much worried about the fights of the series. I mean, that's the key thing - RWBY stands on extensive and well-written world AND awesome fighting scenes. And I was kinda let down by first episodes on the season. And then, at the end of episode 6, they ended it with a start of a pretty nice fight, and I had high hopes for ep 7.

    And holy hell, did I get rewarded for that hope. I mean, it no secret that Qrow is my favorite character of the show, so I am obviously happy to see him fight. But what's most important - it was amazing fight. Good combat choreography that makes sense, varied use of weapons, even use of things around. Also, punching guy in the face. So, now my worries are gone - work of Monty lives on, and that battle made me optimistic about the future of the series in whole.

    I won't forgive them if they kill Qrow also, though. Death of Pyrrha was bad enough!

  2. #1091032017-02-13 10:10:50 *Lieutenant said:

    Okay now we gotta wait for the next season... That after credit scene really leaves me craving for more. Please V5 come already!

  3. #1091052017-02-13 19:00:35Kirn said:

    I gotta say, that boss battle felt more like plot development, than a fight, really...

    But otherwise - it was a goddamn heartfelt episode, and a good way to finish the season. Time of travels is over, so to speak, it should, once again, be time for action. And yes, that after-credits scene...

  4. #1117102017-08-13 18:33:36 *Lieutenant said:

    This is a RWBY fan-made animation but damn this is better-animated than the entire season 4 of the series (that's an exaggeration, just wanna say that it's damn impressive), Roosterteeth should seriously hire this guy and hone his skill