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  1. Anime Soundtracks

    #422142012-11-09 05:48:34 *TechnoNinja said:

    So whenever I watch an anime I always look for the background music. I've been doing this since Fate/stay night came out and i love hearing really good songs and beats. Lately I have been listening to the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack and have deemed it my favorite just because its all beats in exception to a very few songs but they fit so well with the flow of the anime. Openings and Endings are also awesome but its the music while the anime its actually on is what gets me. So I ask you all whats your favorite anime soundtrack?

  2. #422302012-11-09 12:56:29 *megumi-tan said:

    My favorites: clannad & clannad after story, Kanon, haibane renmei, serial experiments lain, Ergo proxy, Spice and wolf, Elfen lied.

  3. #422312012-11-09 13:22:03DeathByBiscuit said:

    Two of the ones that are really good going along with the scenes they were made for are the Fate/Zero ost and Kara no Kyoukai.

    The ost for Umineko is also freaking great, even though it's a Visual novel.

    Ao no Exorcist had some good songs, if I remember correctly. I'm probably missing some that I really like.

  4. #422562012-11-09 19:21:54TalTal said:

    Every time a thread like this shows up I stand by my opinion that Shiki has a freaking godly soundtrack.
    Uh, can we add our favorite video game OSTs? Because I'm talking Assassin's Creed and Zelda.

  5. #443662012-12-08 20:35:06 *Zefferno said:

    I honestly believe that Eureka Seven and Eureka Seven AO have the most amazing soundtracks and both the insert songs and openings and endings are fantastic.

  6. #1107272017-05-23 22:52:42poke_dorks said:

    One of my favorite bands made the soundtrack for the movie "Kimi no Na Wa" and it was lovely

    I also find myself listening back to PPTA's soundtrack every now and then. Good stuff there man, especially the more mellow tunes like this and this

  7. #1107292017-05-23 23:29:59Kinnear said:

    One of my favorite Soundtracks is from. hack//ROOTS. Mostly because I love Ali Project and they have it in abundance. xD

  8. #1107302017-05-24 01:05:17 *Mairu said:

    Nanbaka has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. The opening is so light-hearted and gets you pumped! The rest fo the album then has songs for each character and they appeal to well. Jyuugo's going from comedical to serious, while Uno's is light-hearted all around. I listen to both the ending and opening on Spotify almost daily. The band Super Ball even has a video where they break down the Guitar solo. Fun Fact: Season 2 op is still Hashiguchikanaderiya, but this time without the boys of The Super Ball.

  9. #1107672017-05-25 05:39:23Bavalt said:

    Baccano! and Durarara!! both have excellent soundtracks. If I had to pick a favorite, though, it'd be Gatchaman CROWDS, if only because it's the first anime that comes to mind when I think of a memorable BGM, for this super chill downtime song: