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Parent: Learning Russian

  1. #422382012-11-09 16:01:27Ecstasy said:

    This thread just faded in the depths of the forum, which is totally not the OP fault.

    To finish it off I'm leaving here the material I was going to post anyway.

    Lesson 2 Bonus

    A couple of useful russian phrases:

    Using the skills you obtained from previous lessons try to read the following phrases which will help you to communicate with russians.

    This gentleman will pay for everything. - Этот мужчина платит за всё.

    This lady will pay for everything. - Эта дама платит за всё.

    Where's the toilet? - Где туалет?

    Would you like to dance with me? - Хотите потанцевать?

    Leave me alone! - Оставьте меня в покое!

    Help! - Помогите!

    I don't understand! - Я не понимаю.

    My Russian is bad. - У меня плохо с русским.

    Give me this! - Дай мне!

    I need a doctor. - Мне нужен врач.

    Where do I buy good vodka? - Где купить хорошую водку?

    Get lost. - Отвали.

    Please do not shoot! - Не стреляйте!

    LOL - гы

    That's about it. Learning languages can be fun too. semyon