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  1. Dishonored

    #422402012-11-09 17:09:48 *Ecstasy said:


    Dishonored is a first-person stealth action adventure video game published by Bethesda. The game was released in October 2012 for PC, PS 3, and Xbox 360.

    The action takes place in the fictional industrial city of Dunwall and I must say that the stylistic of the game is steam-punkish (which I enjoy a lot).


    I'm not going to spoiler the plot here, will just mention that the game is played from a first-person perspective and allows the player to tackle a series of assassination missions in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on player choice. Missions can be tackled by stealth, combat or a combination of both. Exploring levels opens new paths and alternatives for accomplishing mission goals, and it is possible to complete all missions and eliminate all targets in a non-lethal manner. The story and missions are modified based on violent actions, or lack thereof, committed by the player.

    So basically you have a choice of killing everyone or none. This alongside with the option of using the set of spells and abilities suiting your style makes a good roleplay. Which I also enjoy a lot.

    The game has an enjoyable sound too.

    I don't have much progress with my first playthrough, but already think that this is a very well done game.

  2. #422412012-11-09 17:20:42 *Pariah said:

    I like this thread. A lot. Thanks, @Ecstasy.

    Let me add one more review-ish video of the PC version (take care, might be spoiler-ish):

    There's also a great Errant Signal video about Dishonored, which pinpoints the game's weaknesses and offers some deeper thoughts, but that's gonna choke you with spoilers, so look it up on your own, if interested.

    Anyway, the game runs and looks absolutely great on PC. There are lots of options to make it run as nicely as possible on your machine, and of course you can use a gamepad if you want to.

    I haven't played all that much myself, currently in chapter 3 or so, but what I played so far was fantastic and offered a thick atmosphere. Unlike most other Bethesda-published games, Dishonored was fairly bug-free for me so far - Arkane Studios did a fantastic job there!

    However, the game MIGHT be rather short. It offers a lot of ways to beat the missions, and encourages replayability and different playstyles (if you run through the game killing everything you'll get high Chaos ratings, which will lead to a different ending, for example), and there's plenty of stuff to explore in the world. BUT if you don't take your time and find your own pace, you might finish the game in under 10 hours, while other players might take 20+ just for their first playthrough.

    Fantastic game, might have used some more character depth (shown as opposed to told depth, at least), but gameplay-wise it feels very much like a modern Thief game - if you desire playing like that, at least.

  3. #422422012-11-09 17:25:07 *Ecstasy said:

    Some interface

    Also Dishonored DLC “Dunwall City Trials” Announced.

    Dunwall City Trials will be released sometime in December and will feature 10 challenge maps that, according to Bethesda, will test players’ combat, stealth, and mobility skills. The maps will include “a gravity-defying run of drop assassinations” and an arena in which players will battle waves of enemies. The DLC will also feature new achievements/trophies and a global leaderboard for players to compare their skills.

    Dunwall City Trials will cost 400 Microsoft Points via Xbox LIVE or $5 via PlayStation Network and PC.

    Bethesda also today stated that the second and third DLC for Dishonored will be coming next year. Those add-ons will feature story-driven campaigns rather than challenge maps. The second DLC story will focus on Daud, allowing players to experience new locations in Dunwall. Bethesda implied that players will actually take on the role of Daud, who will have a different set of powers, weapons, and gadgets than Corvo.

    This is exciting news for players who loved the stealth action of Dishonored, but found the length of the title lacking. A set of challenge maps should provide some more replay value and get the player community using their assassin skills in creative ways.

    source link

    @Pariah, thanks.

    Unlike most other Bethesda-published games, Dishonored was fairly bug-free


    As for the character depth, tbh I don't really pay much attention to it in this game, I still have a feeling of a plot and roleplay so it somehow compensates the absence of the characters' background. It might lower my interest in the multiple playthroughts though.

    And which one do you play? Violent or non-violent?

  4. #422452012-11-09 17:56:51Pariah said:

    Well, judging from the Errant Signal video, a lot of characters you meet have a bit of baggage to them, but you only ever really hear about it, you don't see it. One character starts drinking heavily at some point, for example, but there never really is a "god, he's drunk right now" moment - he just carries a bottle. And there's one moment when you can be an ass and stare through a keyhole to watch a character in the bathtub, and even enter. That could have been expanded into a more personal relationship, especially considering other involvements of the character in question. Sadly, it didn't have any bearing on the playthrough, though.

    I'm going for the silent assassin approach, though at times I reload my saves a LOT just to explore a bit and take alternative ways of beating a room. Though I do try to take everyone out instead of ignoring them entirely - just non-lethal.

  5. #422462012-11-09 18:03:49Ecstasy said:

    @Pariah I'm also trying a non-lethal way and finding this more challenging than just killing everything, have to reload my saves a lot, because of stepping, for example, into light in wrong place and ending up killing some random guard xD

  6. #422512012-11-09 18:27:18Xyopq said:

    It wasn't made by Bethesda, but by the guys that made the new Batman games. Bethesda just published it.

    I like this game a lot, really reminds me of Bioshock. The weapons and powers are really cool, but o just wish there were more of them :-S

    Played gung-ho first playthrough, so going low chaos this time round.

  7. #422522012-11-09 18:41:59 *Pariah said:

    It wasn't made by Bethesda, but by the guys that made the new Batman games. Bethesda just published it.

    Nope. Arkane Studios made four games so far:
    Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Bioshock 2 and now Dishonored. The good Batman games were by Rocksteady, iirc
    But yeah, Bethesda still published it, and most of their published games are buggy as fuck upon release, whether developed by Obsidian, id or Splash Damage.

    The issue I take with non-lethal gameplay is the lack of variety in takedowns. There are so many neat tools for killing enemies.... then again, the Outsider would probably want you to wreak havoc!

  8. #422532012-11-09 18:42:48 *Ecstasy said:

    @Xyopq I didn't say it was made by Bethesda, I only said it was published by them and Pariah did mention Arkane Studios. I know little about AS tbh, but never heard about them making any batman games...

    @Pariah I know the feeling, I usually just try new perks and spells by killing a couple of npc's and then reload the save xD

  9. #422542012-11-09 18:55:06Xyopq said:

    @Pariah @Ecstasy oh yeah, my bad. Its what I get for listening to people ^_^

    The thing I hate about a non lethal run is how easily the guards die, and how you don't get told if any have died till the end of the level.

  10. #528602013-04-11 16:27:07hellstorm901 said:

    I doubt I could play a game such as this whilst keeping the body count low. Playing Hitman has shown me that my version of Stealth is simply not being heard systematically killing everyone in my way so I would be in major trouble in this game trying to deliberately avoid killing people.

  11. #610692013-07-17 09:02:24Ucui said:

    Just grabbed it off of steam not more than an hour ago. Just waiting for the DL to finish so that I can start playing.

  12. #645382013-10-12 21:49:51 *Sogran said:

    It's a great game, I really quite like it. One of the biggest draws for me to buy this game when it came out was the fact that it was first person. Personally, I would love to see more first person games that promote high mobility come out. Too many FP-games do nothing more then let you sprint, but the movement in Dishonored felt really fluid. Personally, I never really got into the sword combat when I was playing, I preferred the assassination style. But there was one point right at the end of the game during my first playthrough that I found myself unable to sneak by and after a few deaths decided "I'm just going to have to cut my way through this". So I ran, slid and slashed through several enemies and responding enemies in a period of about 30 seconds of combat, diving behind cover once or twice to mitigate damage. And you know what? And the end of it I couldn't help but feel like that was the most fast-paced, action intensive and altogether fun part of the game I had experienced thus far. I really suggest that anyone playing the game gives a go to the fast moving combat at one point or another. You won't regret it. That said, excellent stealth mechanics kind of made me feel like the game was a first-person assassins creed, which I also loved. I hope to see another game like this at some point that may allow for more terrain transversal without the reliance on magic. That's not to say the magic wasn't awesome, but I think I wound up relying on it too much. For instance, I almost always had that "dark vision" (I think that's what it's called) on. It's a bit too bad really, as cool as vision modifications are, I think they can detract from the atmosphere and all the work put into the environment. And of course there was also the blink spell which I found to be almost a requirement to get through levels and rooms. All in all, amazing game, I'd give it a 9/10*.

    *(As mentioned in the errant signal video, some of the character stories and motivations aren't really flushed out, and the game, for all it's awesomeness, isn't REALLY and open world/sandbox game. As a result I think it does lose a bit of replayability, but that doesn't mean it's by any means bad. It just means the experience is directed but awesome, where as in sandbox games you can sometimes suffer from a lack of direction, it's just a difference between styles. Props to the studio for making a linear game as open as it was though).

  13. #645402013-10-12 21:53:34hellstorm901 said:

    Well receding my previous comment before I bought the game. I did in fact manage to keep the body count low. Ironically on my second play though which was Chaos I actually struggled more.

    When you find the augment that allows you to choke faster and move faster the silent but deadly approach becomes really practical. I found it fun to sneak up behind patrols and one by one strangle them and hide them.