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  1. Administration Changes

    #423172012-11-10 15:16:04 *Trev said:

    Colorless, the times, they are a-changin'.

    As of today I am the sole administrator of The Colorless. Gargron and acostoss have, on my suggestion, volunteered kindly to step down so that they may focus on Artists&Clients and turn the site over to my guardianship.

    I intend to restore the site and its community to its former glory, and more.

    As such, there will be some policy changes in the near future, and one to be added immediately. Give the Rules a read and see if you can't pick out the new one. It would be nice if someone mentioned it in this thread.

    There will be changes in the moderation staff and in the internal moderation guidelines. Based on the relative success of my "week without mods" experiment I believe that more permissive moderation is in order for occasional offenders. We also have some extra nasty surprises for repeat offenders in the works as well.

    Additionally development will be taking a very different turn from the previous direction. My focus will be on slow, gradual changes based on user input. As such, with the assistance of @NGH and a few other very motivated users and former users I am preparing a User Climate Survey to ask you guys individually what you like/don't like about the current site and the people on it, and what you want changed.

    A caveat -- I believe that maintenance, bug fixing, testing, and security are more important than new features. So don't be surprised if your suggestion is agreed to, and then takes quite a bit of time to implement, especially if the current technical limitations of the backend code make the implementation challenging. I don't plan on turning out any broken or half-assed features.

    In short, I really want to let you guys be the community you want to be, and I want to give you the site you want to have. I plan to throw out features that don't meet your satisfaction or degrade the quality of the site. I plan to introduce new features that multiple users request and will actually use. I plan to be nicer to people who occasionally or ignorantly break the rules. And if you fuck with my work on CL that I do on my own free time for free I plan to find new ways to step on your balls.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, my inbox is easy to find.

    A toast, to the Old CL. A toast, to the New CL.

  2. #423262012-11-10 15:58:26 *DarkChaplain said:

    Like already stated, I support this turn of events, and consider it a development that has the potential to reinvigorate the site from its current, dire situation.

    @Trev, you got my personal thanks and support. I'm expecting lots of good things to come from this move.

    PS: Meta, Ho!