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  1. Deftones - Koi No Yokan

    #424362012-11-11 14:32:32 *Deftones said:

    The newest Deftones album, and I personally think - The best Deftones album. Koi no yokan is wonderful, heavy in all the right places and soft when it needs to be. My favourite songs would have to be Tempest and Rosemary.

    Tempest starts off slow and atmospheric, soon after it brings in the vocals, wonderful wonderful vocals. It gets a little heavier and goes into the chorus. The chorus is pure fucking awesome, it's catchy and beautiful. Give this song a listen.

    Rosemary also starts off atmospheric, brings in a bass guitar, vocals enter (once again very sexy vocals) and then HOLYSHIT huge guitar sound with a heavy bass drum kick and cymbal combo.

    Koi no yokan is simply the best of Deftones. They show how beautiful metal can be, brutal and destructive at points, moments of calm, melodies forming wonderful arrays of emotions. Embrace this album and let it take you away.

  2. #426522012-11-14 02:38:13Momimochi said:

    I had no idea this was an actual band at first, so I thought you went and put out an album yourself.

    Pretty much that, except, I thought you covered a song or something.

  3. #489282013-02-22 08:50:03 *stapler said:

    Hey deft.

    I just wanted you to know that it was you who introduced me to deftones... nah not really. I had some of their songs before I met you 3 years ago. But it was you that got me addicted to them. Thanks.