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  1. Gaming With The 'Reff

    #424442012-11-11 17:39:53Polnareff said:

    Helloooooo CL! With my 21st birthday now over a week behind me, and a year added to my xbox live account (KainMoogle), I can now play Online multiplayer with you all!(Provided you have an xbox, xbox live, internet and a desire to play) Simply Send me a friend request, and put your GT in this thread, and we'll see what games we can play!

  2. #424452012-11-11 17:40:30Polnareff said:

    Current List Of Games: (Will Be Updated Upon Aquisition of New Games) -GTA4 -RE5 -ME3 -Brutal Legend -BF3 -Dark Souls -Two Worlds II -P4A -Dead Island -Dead Rising 2 & Case West -Naruto UN Storm 2 -Fable 2&3 -L4D2 -Halo 3 -Borderlands -COD Black Ops & MW3 -A Kingdom (World) For Keflings -Aegis Wing -Castle Crashers -Castlevania HD -Deadliest Warrior -Doritos Crash Course -Happy Wars -Harms Way -JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE HD -Minecraft Xbox -Real Steel -The Fancy Pants Adventures -Uno