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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    #424872012-11-12 04:04:20 *Settsuo-kun said:

    First off...



    • Those that disapprove about this topic feel free to not post here, yes it is an option. If you do feel the need to voice your opinion do it constructively. I won't allow outright bashing of any sort. If I see this your post will be flagged

    • This is a thread about Black Ops 2, not Halo 4, not Crysis 3, not even Counter-Strike, etc. While I have no negative opinion on these games, don't mention these titles here.

    Ahem, now welcome to the world of...


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  2. #424882012-11-12 04:05:05 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Black Ops 2: The Story so Far.

    Mostly opinion-based, will try not to contain any type of spoilers, even minor ones.


    A futuristic cold war setting. Black Ops 2's campaign mode offers a better story than many of its other incarnations, but still falls short in a few key aspects.





    A new beast to be conquered and surprisingly the most balanced its ever been. As a veteran of Call of Duty, I've been through everything they had to offer. Multiplayer this time around strips to its bare-bones and really adds on necessary features.





    An experience unlike, but also just like any other, Black Ops 2, zombie mode pulls out a few interesting tricks at the cost of a few key aspects.




    Verdict as it is now:

  3. #424952012-11-12 04:56:22Pariah said:

    While I have no love at all for the Call of Duty franchise, or Activision as a publisher, even I can see that Black Ops 2 is probably going to be the best CoD in a very long time. It even seems like there's a shift in focus to be observed here.

    What I appreciate a lot (and hope will continue being a thing in the future, seen in more and more games), is the official Youtube streaming support the game comes with - natively - on consoles.
    While Microsoft expresses clear limitations for Halo 4 on Youtube, Treyarch and Activision appear to feel that active support for Youtube, streaming and even eSports is benefitting them more than bans on content.

    I don't like Activision as a publisher in any way, having ruined many franchises and undeservedly outselling every other game with recycleware, but I admit that this step is a GREAT example to the rest of the industry. Open the gates for more user-generated content on the internet to promote your games, instead of limiting it to major networks and sites.

    I can only hope others will see that this move is, contrary to popular management opinion, is NOT hurting their brand in any way, shape or form, and will follow.

  4. #424972012-11-12 05:23:34Rune said:

    This COD is probably going to be the same as many others. I'll probably just going to finish it in a day or so and then let it gather dust so that future civilization will discover this game and think that it's a religious icon or something.

    So, I'm only going to play this for the story. I'm not impressed with the new commando system or whatever (The one where you control everything). It's still going to be same old, same old, blowing people's heads up to me.

  5. #424982012-11-12 05:56:42Kudaran said:

    i might get this game just for zombies..thats the only thing that treyarch got right in black ops 1 imo. so as long as this game is going to be better then black ops1 and MW3 it might last a couple of weeks and then get old and boring like the other ones.

    CoD4 is still the best call of duty to date imo.

  6. #426242012-11-13 18:23:29 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Forgot that I was even editing this thread. Anyway so far I'm in love with this game. I'll get in depth later, but for right now damnnnnn~ sums up my experience with this game fully.

    Oh and replies as well, but back to gaming.

  7. #426422012-11-13 23:14:48Xyopq said:

    COD SUCKS!!!

    OK, now that that's out of the way, I've heard that Blops 2 has improved vastly over the previous games, and has even started to have some gasp exploration elements in it. I saw some gameplay footage of zombies mode and it looks just as fun as the previous ones, so I'm looking forward to playing it round a relatives house over Christmas.

  8. #426562012-11-14 03:28:26Pariah said:

    via @TotalBiscuit

    This Mass Effect 2 CD thing is damn hilarious. Only seems to affect boxed copies

    Options menu better than recent CoD releases. Framerate goes up to 200 max, which is nice. FoV max is 80, going to be patched to 90

    Isn't it sad when we celebrate that CoD games do things "ok"?

    They have an option for the hearing impaired? This sound menu is actually fairly extensive

    Well, looks like Treyarch is doing a better job than Infinity Ward again. I mean, come on, Treyarch at least does try something new and interesting, while IW's titles are mostly copypasta.

    Either way, not buying it above 10€, and since Activision never lowers prices or does proper sales (maybe we're gonna be lucky and see a 50% discount on this year's holiday sale on Steam - hey, one can dream, right?), I'll either pirate to check the Horsetank for myself or... skip it altogether?