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    #427352012-11-15 00:08:39 *JacquesTheZombie said:

    So yeah. Egoraptor. If you haven't heard of him yet, then here:

    Now go have a fucking good time and don't be afraid to go watch his other channel shared with JonTron called GameGrumps.


    Also feel free to just nerd out and splergsh about how funny you think they are down below. But Seriously, Go Watch Them or I Will summon a Bunny!

  2. #427412012-11-15 01:06:41 *JacquesTheZombie said:

    @SENsei That's your opinion and you can say it if you want.

    @Momimochi In my opinion, I don't think you should just watch 2 minutes of that but more like maybe 6 minutes and then i think you can truly decide if you like his stuff. But thanks for at least being open enough to watch that much.

    The video I posted was more of him giving his opinion on how games should be and being funny in the process but I mostly posted this to share my enjoyment with everyone else here and to bring them some enjoyment also.

  3. #427422012-11-15 01:07:16 *SENsei said:

    That's your opinion and you can say it if you want.

    Yeah, I know; that's why I did it. :V

    I mostly posted this to share my enjoyment

    Man, your life sounds boring as fuck.

  4. #427482012-11-15 01:36:23Momimochi said:

    Dude, watching videos is like reading a book to me; if it doesn't catch my attention with the hook, screw it. Also, my time is precious.

  5. #427572012-11-15 09:00:48Akidzuki said:

    First I thought it's going to be just an ordinary game review, but I was quite wrong. He does speak about the game (well, two games), and of course it has humor, but I was reallly surprised how much he speaks about gaming history and mechanics. Also, the animations are quite hilarious. :)

  6. #427712012-11-15 16:19:27 *Flywalker37 said:

    Now go have a fucking good time and don't be afraid to go watch his other channel shared with JonTron called GameGrumps.

    My kohai showed me this 2 months ago, I love Egoraptor and his awesome chizz. It's really funny hearing your favorite old game being failed at by your favorite flash animator.

  7. #428372012-11-17 07:14:38cromogon said:

    you guys dun know egorapter?! ermagewd. ..

    but of all srsness the video has its points and yes the history part is as boring as fuck I mean. . .WHO THE HELL LIKES HISTORY?!

  8. #430342012-11-20 02:54:20 *DarkChaplain said:

    I do. Its fantastic to learn where we, or the industry, or game design is coming from, recognize patterns and realize why things are the way they are, based on the experiences of the past.

    I think so far, I've watched this video twice before. And as somebody who is all over video games and likes theoretical shit behind game mechanics and gaming history, I could appreciate it.

    Lately, it is ridiculously hard to find a game that actually teaches you all the gameplay mechanics by having clever level design and letting you try them without a tutorial screaming into your ears how to do it. Dishonored did it fairly well lately: You observe rats attacking guards while you're hiding above them, and shortly after that you have to find a way to avoid swarms of rats to avoid suffering the same fate. Games should be complex and deep in their mechanics, but it should never require you to go through one, or even two hours of tutorials, just to get going. Teaching the player how to play should be a subtle thing, not a tacked-on wall of text, or endless handholding.

    Either way, @JacquesTheZombie is still annoying, and @Flywalker37's linguistic talent makes me weep for the human race.
    I don't really think those two have actually understood the points the video was trying to convey, either.


  9. #430732012-11-20 23:44:14 *Mau said:

    I do love this video, and the one he did on Castlevania, but yeah there is no NSFW content in this video? Unless, I'm missing something...WAS THERE PORN IN THIS? OR ORGANS BLOWING UP? Did I miss a hidden scene?

    Yeah there is some profanity, but nothing worth earning an NSFW tag.