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    #428542012-11-17 12:40:56 *Kip said:
    After talking with some peers in Chat, we realized that most of the art threads are basically dead. The good ones are not posted in anymore, and the others are extremely old.

    Me and a few others thought it would be nice to start up an Artist thread again, and try to keep it alive!

    So, the rules here are really simple:

    ◎Post your drawings!
    ◎If you want to give some helpful advice, go for it.
    ◎No art thieving. I will find you, and I will kill you.
    ◎Post as many times a day as you want.
    ◎Nsfw is acceptable, and it will probably pop up somewhere down the line anyway.
    ◎Don't say things that could intentionally hurt another artist or make them feel bad.
    ◎Don't throw pity parties, there's no reason for it here.
    ◎Respect your fellow artists. Seriously.

    Post whatever you've drawn, it doesn't matter if it's a sketch or a fully colored picture.

    Have fun.

    If you'd like to share your dA, tumblr, anipan, whatever it is you have, feel free to post it here or PM to me and I will add it to this post.

    ◎DeviantArt: xxwhimsicalxx.deviantart.com
    ◎Tumblr: atamascito.tumblr.com

    ◎Tumblr: eggigochu.tumblr,com
    ◎Pixiv: pixiv.net/member.php?id=7611252

    ◎Tumblr: bluemute.tumblr.com

    ◎Tumblr: roborei.tumblr.com
    ◎Deviantart: roborei.deviantart.com

    ◎Deviantart: lonewolfkyle.deviantart.com

    ◎Deviantart: chibaram0ri.deviantart.com

    ◎Deviantart: waroxthegod.deviantart.com

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  2. #428582012-11-17 12:46:56 *Kip said:
    i guess i'll post the first thing.

    something i did recently. i dug up a 7 month old sketch and decided to redraw the whole damn thing.

    tw; homestuck
  3. #428702012-11-17 16:38:42Trev said:

    @Kip this is a stellar thread idea!

    I would post but well I don't know where my tablet stylus is so I haven't drawn anything in a while

  4. #428842012-11-17 19:48:42Kip said:

    @Trev thank you! i am looking forward to everyone's art.

    and that's alright haha. i am probably going to post some scanned stuff! haven't been doing digital art lately.

  5. #429262012-11-18 01:08:52Kip said:

    @T-man no picture is bad! everyone learns and improves at their own pace. it took me about 6 years before I started to develope my own style and become happy with my art.

    i think it looks good!

  6. #429522012-11-18 12:46:01 *judar said:

    Wow what awesome art @ o @

    It's nice to have threads like this ♥

    Ahhh, I have a few scribbles I've done but no good hdahdakj


  7. #429542012-11-18 13:07:13Kip said:

    @Usagii wow! i really love this.

    i especially love the face and hands. hands can be so hard to draw sometimes haha. it looks super.

  8. #429592012-11-18 16:01:47One said:

    Wow. @Kip Those are really good.

    Heres something I did in 2 minutes. It started as a doodle, didn't even know what I was drawing. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/323/0/a/sword_drawing_by_lax_om-d5lh7cn.jpg

    Heres one I just remembered doing after thinking about the stuff I did. It's not done. http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/323/f/3/witch_wip_by_lax_om-d5lh86h.jpg

  9. #429882012-11-19 01:32:45Kip said:

    @One oohh nice!

    i really like your style and the shading on the hat in the second picture.

    on, and thank you! haha.

  10. #505982013-03-14 12:27:19Akri said:
    Nice to see art threads and see all the different things people put together.

    Unfortunately this was my most recent drawing LOL. I'm defiling this thread ;_;
    I think I drew this as an example while asking someone if fujoshi liked this sort of stuff.
    I would post something older, but my older stuff doesn't look so good to me..