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Artists of Colorless

  1. #853702014-12-11 18:17:01Lieutenant said:

    Oh this is me? Now I see it, well like I said, the idea of having a Christmas tree as a dress is well-displayed here and obviously very cute, also really love the work of the marker render. And yey chibi me.

    Thanks a bunch, I secretly want those mittens and shoes.

  2. #854292014-12-16 06:36:14CQKumber said:

    Here you go @Rebel, I did the thing. Sorry that one eye's bigger than the other... and that the marker bled outta the lines at some points... and that I messed up the coat down at the bottom there...


  3. #854452014-12-16 23:10:09 *Rebel said:

    HAHAHAHAH thanks CQbro it's perfect... I've got a junk in the sack.. thanks for the accurate illustration

  4. #857532014-12-28 21:12:05 *Cenica said:

    Huzzah! Something reasonably worth showing!
    And this, which I will probably redraw later since I drew it in gimp and it exported badly...

  5. #859062015-01-01 08:39:39 *Mau said:

    Started the week before Christmas, finished the week of the new year.
    May this year be one of massive artistic process.

    A sketch that I got too invested in, but not invested enough to change the stars.
  6. #860062015-01-04 08:23:10 *Mau said:

    I'm having a bit of a dry spelling coming up with anything to draw, other than doodles, and I feel like taking a request or two might help. Just shoot me one via PM if you're interested, they'll be sketches or busts, it really depends, all I'm looking to get out of this is something to force myself to draw so I can bruteforce my way out of this dry patch.

  7. #860192015-01-04 23:32:49Jacek said:

    this is a really small thing to like, but I really like that hair line with the different colors. ♥

  8. #861872015-01-10 21:42:26judar said:

    @jacek this is so late lmao but thank you omg i really like to put colors where they arent supposed to be omg i have no concept of how to realistically color shit