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Artists of Colorless

  1. #874512015-02-16 21:30:28Gwynn said:

    Anyone remember Easter last year? I'm looking for some artists for this years event. It means you may be disqualified for participating in the actual hunt!

    Please PM me if you'd like to make some images for this event!

    Thanks! @Gwynn

  2. #877662015-03-04 05:24:29KaliVenom said:

    I love all of the pictures I'm just a beginner but I'm gonna upload the next painting I finish hopefully it doesnt end up sucking

  3. #881332015-03-23 04:56:23Jacek said:


    Awhile ago someone gave me some color suggestions, never got around to doing anything with them, and finally got to it today. Channeled that inner indie.

  4. #881512015-03-24 06:39:05Jacek said:


    I decided to do something once a day. After discussing hipster bullshit on twitter (because some mega cutie I follow had to do a hipster design for the first time) I decided to do my own. Already had the photos from my camera that were perfect.

  5. #882802015-03-29 14:56:38judar said:

    this is so amazing @9mm all the colours are so god omg im real envious bc the colours here are all so dynamic but still realistic it honestly looks so spot on like a photograph put rhu one of those filters like oh man

  6. #882892015-03-29 19:27:23Jacek said:

    Couple reasons. One, I just throw logic and reason at the door. Second, I don't go into working on something and do everything I can to make it look like what I was thinking. In fact, that ^ looks nothing like the original image. The original, and I might go back and do this as a photomanipulation one day, was intended to be someone sitting on a chair, in half, one side representing clarity, the other depression.