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Artists of Colorless

  1. #780922014-06-13 05:41:37Kip said:


    @Gwynn has posted a new ART CONTEST on the Forum! The prize is $20 to for the winner, nd the deadline is August 1st. Contestants are requested to draw cover art for the series of TheColorless Podcasts. Our current image is this edit of Server-tan (drawn by @Akatsuki) and Server-kun (drawn by @TeruShinozaki).

    References can be found directly on the Contest threads opening post.

    Even if you don't think you'll win, enter anyway! Draw draw draw! Any practice is good practice, I'll definitely be doing some sketches for this. I expect to see some familiar faces there! :)

  2. #782432014-06-17 09:36:23Dark-B said:

    @Lieutenant Seriously though, this is very good. Needs a bit of polishing here and there, but the entire drawing is very astonishing. And Server-tan was drawn with care and shows great resemblance to the original. Good job.

  3. #782442014-06-17 11:31:41Lieutenant said:

    @Dark-B thank you, the original picture was taken by a phone and painted the digital colour in, it would look way better if scanned though but I was lazy, thank you again!

  4. #784362014-06-20 20:25:39judar said:

    that sword looks really cool like woa man and those runes are sweet i like the detail in this even though its not even done

  5. #790672014-06-28 16:41:52Lieutenant said:


    Original drawing dated back on April 2013, but it was half body (the size of that box in the background) but today I just decided to give the drawing a full body because I'm lacking inspiration.

    So the drawing goes back to being work in progress.

    Adam Taurus from RWBY, because.

  6. #792622014-06-30 08:34:11 *Kip said:


    The new CL Calendar Project thread is up and waiting for members to join!

    Please check the thread for more information.

    Those who have already claimed months:

    • January: genericmav
    • February: Kip
    • March: Open
    • April: MrTrain
    • May: arnaK
    • June: Open
    • July: Open
    • August: * Ecstasy
    • September: TeruShinozaki
    • October: SirTingles
    • November: Lieutenant
    • December: * Ecstasy
    *Artist is willing to draw month in the event that something happens to the previous artist or nobody claims it.
  7. #794692014-07-03 20:13:27judar said:

    I like the way you've posed each character, you can tell a little bit about their personality because of that which is pretty awesome B)

  8. #822092014-09-09 11:18:09 *Warlock said:

    Not that bad. The snake could be a little better, but the face and hair are pretty good on Server-tan for being a drawing on sketch paper. Good job.