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  1. #820122014-09-03 05:31:18 *Lieutenant said:


    So aside of the 2015 CL Calendar Project, I also have this project 100days Comic Fiesta countdown, my part will be published on November 1, 2014, day 56. This is the WIP I'm currently working on for.

  2. #821912014-09-08 19:29:44 *arnaK said:

    This isn't artwork but it is a cool little thingy I found on the internet that only artists would be interested in. I didn't want to start an entire new thread for it because it would seem like an advertisement and there wouldn't be much contribution from members, but for those interested in traditional art and enjoy a good marker, here is Art Snacks. Basically you get a set of like 5 or 6 markers delivered to your doorstep every month for I believe $20 a month or less depending on how long your subscription is (if you're in the states). Internationally, it's $30 a month. So yeah just some cool shenanigans for the traditional artists on here :D

  3. #824302014-09-15 14:18:29Kip said:

    a beautiful self portrait of myself riding the back of a tyrannosaurus-rex while volcanoes and the sky explode in the background

  4. #825132014-09-16 23:00:05Jacek said:

    This is a small thing to take away, but I love that blood, especially the thicker parts.

    Fucking hell you've improved

  5. #830272014-09-28 01:03:22arnaK said:

    @Lieutenant Yup! I used Prismacolors in the "Scholar" pack. I didn't have enough time by the end of it so it ended up being a bit messy looking but oh well.

  6. #830532014-09-29 15:39:36Lieutenant said:

    Pretty cool. I've never touched a prismacolors yet but people do epic things with that.

    Well even though you were out of time I still think this turns out pretty well though. Good job. @arnaK

  7. #830612014-09-29 20:21:11arnaK said:

    @Lieutenant They were pretty cheap for prismacolors actually. I got the 60 pack of the scholars for like somewhere between $16-25 i dont remember lol. But yeah they are really nice. Thanks y0!

  8. #831552014-10-02 22:32:34Kip said:

    Manga Studio 5 Now 70% Off From October 2nd - 7th

    The digital copies of Manga Studio 5 and Manga Studio 5 EX are 70% off for 5 days. Manga Studio 5 is a really great program and has a ton of features that SAI and Photoshop don't have. It's basically ideal if you're looking to do any kind of comic work, the pressure sensitivity is nicely spread out, and it's got some neat perspective tools that you can use.

    I just bought the $15 digital copy and I'm pretty happy with it so far, and it's very easy to use. I might even switch over to this as my main drawing program...

    The downloads come in English, Spanish, and French. As stated on the website, if you download the English version of Manga Studio 5, you can download the French and Spanish versions for free (both French and Spanish copies are currently in BETA so are probably not translated 100%).

    Clip Studio Paint is the Digital Copy of Manga Studio 5.

  9. #831592014-10-02 23:40:37Kip said:

    i'd always recommend SAI to somebody who's never done something digitally because it's extremely easy to use and navigate through (much simpler than Photoshop) but Manga Studio is very clean looking too and the brush settings on it are easy to adjust and find as well for first time users.

    I would totally recommend it if you ever want to start getting into Digital Art.

  10. #831692014-10-03 05:35:51 *Lieutenant said:

    The tutorial videos never cease to amaze me, definitely something really different from PS and SAI, I'll probably try this out.

    edit:- I've bought it lol

  11. #834692014-10-10 17:23:51Kip said:

    Get Manga Studio EX 4 or Anime Studio Pro 9 FREE after rebate of $20.00 or more!!!

    If you missed out on the Manga Studio 5 sale, here's you chance to get a free copy of Manga Studio EX 4 or Anime Studio Pro 9. The hard copies also have FREE SHIPPING.

    Manga Studio EX 4

    Anime Studio Pro 9

    All copies being sold are hard copies, not digital downloads.


    Manga Studio is ideal for simply just drawing or creating your own comics, whereas Anime Studio has an animation function, allowing you to create your own animated clips or cartoons.

  12. #835292014-10-13 04:40:07 *Lieutenant said:


    Well that's one work done, I'm early by two weeks but that's a good thing, so I'll just post this here before it comes out on November 1, such privilege. [artwork for 100 days Comic Fiesta countdown, mine on day 56]

    Here's a close up in the mean time. Just view these on a new page for bigger view.



  13. #843242014-11-06 16:18:32MrTingles said:

    Colored an old pic I drew. @Kip's teaching me more about digital art, and while I have a ways to go, it's fun learning how to use these programs.

  14. #843462014-11-07 04:26:25Kip said:

    coincidence! i recently just redid my improvement meme and redrew a picture i did back from 2011 :D i should post it here too!!