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Artists of Colorless

  1. #860132015-01-04 16:12:08 *Kip said:

    PrinceLupins Paint Tool SAI Redux

    Happy Holidays, everybody!

    As promised, here’s the newest (and somewhat improved) version of my Paint Tool SAI! I’ll put up a link in my description and tutorials directory, too! It’s a full and free version, so nothing is limited!


    • An unholy amount of brush & paper textures.
    • An unholy amount of brushes, some of my mains’ settings edited according to what i use.
    • A few brushes with settings from my favorite artists.
    • And for the fellow DR-Edit/OC spriter, the custom pen I use to make my sprites. And not only that, but a small palette of some of the colors I use for sprites!
    • That’s it. That’s literally it.

    Tumblr user PrinceLupin/Yankeeboy has compiled a huge collection of brushes and textures for SAI, and released the download file for them online. Anybody who's interested, all you need to do is download the .rar file, unzip, and open up the SAI application inside!

  2. #860272015-01-05 11:22:12Lieutenant said:

    I like the fact that this doesn't over-write my Sai though, so it's like I have 2 Sai now, just that yours are additional and mine is more of a default version, also this will definitely help a lot, thanks!

  3. #860292015-01-05 12:13:49MrTingles said:

    Hey folks, don't forget to send art submissions to the email link provided here if you wanna be in the artbook! Feel free to PM me if you have questions about it. I'd love to have y'all participate~

  4. #861792015-01-10 17:12:50 *Lieutenant said:

    Bought a new drawing tablet and officially broke, the first thing I drew. Still WIP, can view in a new window for larger view.


    Well I'm finished now. There you go, your precious Server-tan.

  5. #862142015-01-11 06:40:39 *Cenica said:

    Bloop. Still practicing. This was meant to be the owlgirl but ended up not being owlish enough I think. Back to the drawing board

  6. #865412015-01-20 16:22:15Lieutenant said:

    Well I suppose I can post this here. Since it's art-related, dear artists; check this out.

    New magnetic “slate” lets you write on actual paper, digitize your drawings in real-time

    iSketchnote started as a Kickstarter project by the French group ISKN in September 2013, and it quickly exceeded its modest $35,000 goal by hitting $350,000. Now, a little over a year later, it’s finally being released to the public as an alternative digital-drawing tablet. In fact it’s not even a tablet at all; it’s just a “slate” and a pen. You can put any kind of paper that you want on top of the slate, write away with the special pen, and watch your writing or drawing get turned into a digital version in real-time via Bluetooth or USB to your tablet or PC.

    The paper you use on top of the slate doesn’t even have to be normal paper either. It can be a notebook, sketch pad, used napkin, anything. Then once you have the digital version of your drawing on-screen, you can alter it however you’d like, similar to other writing tablets. If you make a mistake you can just undo instead of erasing, and you can also move things around, change sizes, add color, whatever.

    iSketchnote can also be used in stand-alone mode, so you can scan your drawings to the internal memory or an SD card even if you don’t have your tablet or PC handy. Also, its battery lasts 10 hours while in constant use. Also it only weights 14.1 ounces (400 grams) and is only 0.35 inches thick (9 millimeters). Also is comes in four lovely colors: orange, green, blue, and pink.

    If the iSketchnote sounds like something you’re interested in, it’s available for pre-order now for US$179 ($20 off the normal price). Right now it’s only compatible with the iPad, but they will be releasing free Windows, OSX, and Android updates soon.

    Look at how far technology has gotten us to.

  7. #865452015-01-20 19:25:26Lieutenant said:

    Hey that's actually a pretty neat idea as well. Like the idea of draw anywhere and anytime you'd like, they should advertise this more.

  8. #868472015-01-28 09:52:00Jacek said:

    a WIP. It's almost 5 in the morning I can't figure out how to finish it right now. Will edit and add finished product when the time comes.

  9. #872042015-02-08 15:44:44Johtoh said:

    Oh god….

    Is it bad the first thing i thought was

    /nsfw beastiality.

    Because all i saw was skin color and gnar. God how i am horrible. i deserve to go to the dungeon

  10. #873052015-02-11 00:02:37Kip said:

    oh my gawd i was looking through cintiq reviews and this happened to show up. i love watching speedpaints and livestreams, you learn sooo much from them.

  11. #873062015-02-11 01:12:01Warlock said:

    That is amazing. I also like how they colored in the initial area first. That was a different approach I've never seen anyone do yet.

  12. #873082015-02-11 02:00:22Kip said:

    IKR? i've tried out this style of painting before actually, i used to do it like that but i always found it reeeaaally annoying to keep doing xD i was never good at it. here is my attempt from 3 years ago

    Looks nothing like Huke's art obviously but the painting technique was the same way essentially.