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Artists of Colorless

  1. #887512015-04-14 17:30:02Jacek said:

    Wanted to do something fun. I've been doing too much work with the intention of building a portfolio. And what's more fun than going back to your roots?

  2. #888212015-04-19 23:59:28judar said:

    yelow bg + STRONG blak paint + just draw a fucking triangle somewhere call it composition = no.1 best artwork copyright me

  3. #894072015-05-04 13:09:16 *Quintessential said:

    Welp, first time drawing in AGES. I drew @BakaHime, or at least, how I she looks in my minds eye. It was a quick 15 minute drawing, nothing big or extravagant, no shading, or any effort at all whatsoever in anything there XD

  4. #906762015-07-01 13:31:36Lieutenant said:

    Some of the assignments I've done during these past few months. Did some wood work, photography, basic art ideas and all..

    It is also sad to see this thread left dead.

  5. #908792015-07-23 00:33:36CQKumber said:

    Took almost as long for the picture to load as it did for you to finish it, 10/10 dude. Also couldn't help but notice that you made yourself like eight feet tall

  6. #908832015-07-23 07:05:04Warlock said:

    I look so evil. Thanks for making me float and look cool though. Hopefully I don't come off as evil though lmao.

  7. #908992015-07-24 12:22:56BakaHime said:


  8. #909492015-07-30 00:13:41Rebel said:

    :) thank you all for the positive replies... Sorry for those I couldn't draw, the pic was getting too big... Sorry @lycan and others... If you all would like to be drawn, just ask...
    @gwynn umm sorry but if i colored it... It won't look as high quality as you would want because I'm not that good yet...
    To everyone... 'Umm some use Cl as an escape of the real world for many reason... So why not have your own Original character of yourself... You all are very interesting... So interesting that I'd like to make a CL comic.... :V

  9. #909522015-07-30 04:49:24MrTrain said:

    @Rebel you know what? if you wanna make a comic, don't talk about it. JUST DO IT. MAKE THE COMIC. It's been talked about and planned again and again numerous occasions, but you know why it doesn't work out? Because this is the internet, and people procrastinate on the internet. So what are you waiting for? IF YOU WANT TO DO IT, JUST DO IT. MAKE THE COMIC.

  10. #910192015-08-05 02:53:52Rebel said:

    I will then... Might need help... Will need motivation... And time... And someone to make the thread for me cause I'm lazy...

  11. #913182015-08-20 06:38:55Kirn said:

    This reminds me of a time of olde CL. Like, first weeks of CL even. When we had the haven chat, the group there had Akri who was like the designated CL artist at the time. He did what I consider the very first art of CL, which listed all members of Haven at the time. And I have to tell you, for quite a lot of years I kinda wanted to be in one such as those. Well, 5+ years later - that did happen.

    Good work on the drawing, really. I have to say though, it looks quite dated now, because some of those people aren't there, some are now different, and some are even banned, but this is a damn good representation of the state of the CL on, I'd say, summer of 2014. This art got proper damn atmosphere for that, so I commend you for it. Good work, man, truly good work.

    @Teru, yes, I am a heart-breaker. I blame my devilishly good looks and charming personality.

    And yes, I am the best thing that happened to this damned place.

  12. #908752015-07-22 23:04:38Cloud-VK said:

    I found the original drawings destroyed, and then remembered I never did anything with them. But I still had some pics on my computer. But the idea was a Valentines day comic. So here it is.

  13. #909432015-07-29 19:21:42 *Cloud-VK said:

    I got somethin good today!

    I was working at a house today where they were putting in new windows, and it turns out they were just gonna throw out the old ones, so they let me take one. It's a inch thick, 6'by 7', 400pnd beauty.

    Even though it's been a while since I've worked with glass, I can't wait to get started! I'm gonna frost the hell out of that thing. It's gonna take a while but I'll post whatever I make here.

  14. #909462015-07-29 22:37:04Toku said:

    Pardon the fingers, and my face, and the drawing o3o....I had to use my webcam, I just drew it really quick while at the library. Honestly the only thing I can draw other than maps for my stories.
  15. #909552015-07-30 14:15:29MrTingles said:
    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

    Fanart I drew of the adorable Witch Doctor Opal from the Webcomic Harpy Gee, which can be found here.