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Artists of Colorless

  1. #996602016-02-26 04:19:16 *Yugure said:

    Here, rough sketch of Zelda:

    I swear, her eyes, lips, and chest are hard to draw.

    (I hate it how she looks sinister and evil than calm and cool D:)

  2. #999112016-03-03 04:38:50 *Yugure said:

    And I've done it! Zelda is love, Zelda is life.

    Shitty phone is shitty. Goddammit scanner. :<

    Ah, I forgot the origamis

  3. #1005522016-03-18 13:00:26judar said:


    @god teach me how to draw sexy folds please he looks very Dapper

  4. #1005942016-03-19 19:59:57 *GOD said:

    KYAAA USAGI!!!! IL!!! U!!!!!!!!! TY ACTUALLY MY OC IS A GIRL AND YA FOLDS ARE HARD..... i make them as simple looking as i can to combat this

  5. #1006112016-03-20 12:06:21judar said:

    @GOD OMFG ilu too ponta an art god the art OG omg and shes beautiful an angel ....... your folds are so goood i love the way u made the back of the jacket completely black and the hands are heart eyes emoji

  6. #1004162016-03-14 07:30:17 *123-456-7890 said:

    something I drew last year for a friend's birthday ,he's a Flash fan

    And then theres this, it was for my design class last year

    And then some more stuff from high school, this media content cannot be displayed.

  7. #1006772016-03-22 22:17:46 *GOD said:

    2 wip pics for a mettaton print.. im trying to practice painting more this year but its a struggle

  8. #1013122016-04-14 23:56:30 *GOD said:

    ive been shitting out a lot of charms this month in prep for con but my fav by so far is this rohan...... its my first time making charms so im really excited haha!!

    and all of the others so far.. some wips in there

  9. #1013762016-04-17 17:12:56GOD said:

    some test charms came in~~ I didn't peel off the stickers so they're not as shiny as they really are!