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Artists of Colorless

  1. #1093172017-02-25 07:49:55shafnat said:

    Thinking for some idea to design a cafe.

    http://imgur.com/B3GjkTN.jpgSorry, this media content cannot be displayed. http://imgur.com/9AcZgXe.jpgSorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

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  2. #1093642017-02-27 21:45:19shafnat said:

    @masculyn oh, thanks a lot for your opinion!

    I will improve these basic ideas to make em more functional , because the cafe im designing is a cafe in a univ area so the customers probably will be a student to gather to discuss their projects there.

  3. #1093512017-02-27 02:43:55ccc said:

    Yo yo yo wats a good program for digital art? I'm currently using Krita because it's free (and I'm broke hahaha)

  4. #1093552017-02-27 04:23:29shafnat said:

    @ccc i guess paint tool sai would be alright, or maybe photoshop if you want to but it's more complicated, tho i like photoshop more. well, i never really buy any product on the internet i always look for precrack and prepare some antivirus just in case. i hope fbi didnt find this i swear i swear once i have my own income i'll never free download anything illegal to

  5. #1094202017-03-02 16:06:41Maguro said:

    Hey guys! I'll be heading to Malaysia on the 4th of March with my family.... Anyone care to recommend some food for me to eat there? (I'm a glutton) hahahaha


  6. #1095042017-03-11 19:04:22 *Arachne said:




    Nowadays I just do flower cards. These are made on A6. (I rly need a scanner because I only have an android camera)

  7. #1095112017-03-12 10:37:42Arachne said:

    The first one was fully made with 4$ Bianyo gouache set but I mixed quality white gouache with the cheap ones to avoid shininess. The set's shades had an almost glossy effect when gouache should be matte. The other two were made with watercolors and watercolor pens (pens have more saturation) but I used black acrylic for the black background on 2nd one. I have no idea what the watercolor brand was but it's one of those cheap plastic sets you see in elementary art class with round palettes lol

  8. #1098762017-04-05 19:26:02shafnat said:

    if you guys know i found cl because of making a manga. not making a progress for about 2 years lol but here i took some pics of that "Leavin' the Future" which was so cringy back then