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Artists of Colorless

  1. #1142392018-06-24 14:20:33shafnat said:

    i know there is a lot of people who likes to paint flowers and plants but my mom is also one who likes to paint plants so this kinda reminds me of my mom, anyway this is one of her works if i may show it here--

  2. #1144142018-08-03 04:02:03shafnat said:

    Once a mysterious person with an art style i admire a lot, but now i feel like just doing a collab with a crazy nocturnal @Maguro we'll gonna make some other more collabs this is the greatest

  3. #1147522018-09-26 11:30:35GOD said:


    old art but part 5 yall.. 2018 is so cursed somehow i JUST got into dangan ronpa and ffxiv. like......what. can someone who knew me 2011-2015 please explain what sort of comatose state i was in. also @arachne let this be the last time i log into this site to message you!! sis better come thru and email me so this acc can die

  4. #1148202018-10-05 03:14:04shafnat said:

    Inktober prompt! Here's the list that i'm following, it's from ChaymaaDraws

    And here's my result so far!