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  1. GBA Games on Cell Phones

    #429332012-11-18 05:25:02 *MyOWN said:

    Does anyone know how to put GBA Games into cell phones?

    I'm googling the topic but i still don't have an answer that I'm contented with.

    Can anyone help me?

  2. #431862012-11-23 05:10:11MyOWN said:

    I've been playing gba games on my computer using emulator.

    But I don't know how to install a GBA Emulator on my cellphone. My cp model is nokia asha 202.

    I found an emulator for cellphones called vbagx, but I don't know how to download and install it to my cellphone.

  3. #432052012-11-23 14:48:29Yuichi-kun said:

    @MyOWN some tip for you . . . download vbagx that is compatible to your phone, install it to your memory card then download vbagx key generator and get your activation code from that keygen and after that, register your vbagx and then put your rom on the appropriate folder and then play. :) hope it helps you 'cause this is what i do to my nokia n70

  4. #437762012-12-01 09:39:26MyOWN said:


    I've already downloaded all vbagx versions, and it still doesn't work. Is there any emulator besides vbagx that can be installed in phones?