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  1. This is America of 2011

    #43142012-01-05 02:08:33 *Thanatos_M said:

    Do you see this falafel? Well now its a cheeseburger, do you see this sushi and these ribs? Can you tell the difference? Me neither. Want an Ipod touch? Sweet, now get yourself an Ipad, waste money on apps, and waste even more money on an ipad second generation. Who needs revolution, when you can have a bunch of hippies protesting for no reason! Got a WoW addiction you need to fix? Well The old republic will fix you good! Chain deaths of celebrities in one year, we got it! Problem? Use your cool face. Recession and down on your luck; got a shitty Christmas? Hah, kids of this generation have a shitty Christmas because their dad got them a Camero! Want to waste over 500 dollars this November? America's got it! Oh, did you hear about SOPA? Nobody is a virgin anymore, winter came for a day in September and fucked us all, hard. Got the latest drake C.D.? Got a reason as to why I should give a fuck?

  2. #43462012-01-05 03:26:59 *JoJoBird said:

    Amazing the power of perception is, You forgot that Winter is coming and Dragons flew backwards. Why the pessimistic reaction to America? Are you a commie? My 2011 wasn't at all like that.
  3. #43722012-01-05 04:43:51BboyNoblesse said:

    Yeah I agree with @JoJo, my year wasn't anything like that. Every countries got weird media, but it's not that big of a deal. How about you stop complaining like a child and attempt to change something.

  4. #44102012-01-05 06:57:27SlantDuffy said:

    You forgot the part where huge fucking corporate businesses run this nation and the president and his advisory cabinet have very little power.

  5. #44552012-01-05 15:13:47 *Thanatos_M said:

    Wow, so much salt over some simple satirical remarks.

    @Ashkachan somebody sounds salty

    @DarkChaplain: You are just becoming too easy to predict.

    @AlphaHikari_1A14 : You cannot be serious?

    Also, I fuckin love America! Communism!? Where!? Takes out loaded shotgun

    @BboyNoblesse So, instead of adapting to the change of my remarks, you decide to complain about it, because you think I am complaining? Silly rabbit.

  6. #45942012-01-06 02:21:12Agitation said:

    sad but true TT.TT and nobody wants to anything about it. everyone is so lazy, no one wants to even acknowledge these problems :( something'll will happen once we hit rock bottom. but my personal year wasnt like this either, its just that in my age and where I live, this wont effect me at this moment, but i'm worried about my future you forgot to say how we're all fucking up the enviroment.

  7. #47182012-01-06 17:27:01canon said:

    you're basing your remarks on what the media tells you. you should probably.......... research some things?? many of your remarks are focused on a very loud minority, but not one that is very relevant to the nation as a whole.

  8. #54592012-01-09 20:01:19syunfung said:

    I recently got a smartphone because my school's email system uses Microsoft Exchange and usually the emails require quick responses. I didn't get an iPhone because I didn't need it (the smartphone takes care of what I need and the school's iPod Touch takes care of any instance I want an app or game on iOS). A lot of people here nowadays can't tell the difference between need and want. Does the average person really need a smartphone? Not really. The apps and stuff might be fun, but they aren't necessary for top function if you don't have the money to buy it.

    When I go to work, I keep getting patients who are on Medicaid (meaning they don't have sufficient income, for those who are from outside the U.S.) that come in with the huge Coach purses, Gucci, Prada, and are chatting away on the iPhone. Seriously, the point of the program was to take care of the medical costs so that you can use whatever income or other program you are on to pay for the necessities. I once had a patient like this who didn't pay for her daughter's medicine; the meds were a mere $7. How many full scripts of that antibiotic could've been filled if that woman had gotten a regular phone or any other smartphone rather than the latest model of iPhone or settling for something with function instead of a brand name?