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  1. Colorless Youtube Whoring Thread

    #432392012-11-24 09:42:17 *DarkChaplain said:

    Ladies and Gentledudes, I present to you a Thread dedicated to Youtube Whoring!

    No, this is NOT for you to plug individual videos, or funny channels you follow! This Thread is for YOUR OWN! Channel to be advertised. Do not post Channels of friends of random Youtube people.

    If you have a Channel on Youtube which you'd like us to check out and possibly follow, feel free to post on here, maybe with a short video you think is iconic for your Channel.

    There are a few conditions, however, which I hope you'll be able to adhere to, for the benefit of not only the readers of this thread, but also yourselves, as you will want to make a good impression anyway.

    1. Please make your Channel's name clearly visible. You can do so using the "----" tag (check the markdown tutorial). Please do this only for your Channel's title, or the channel's URL!
    2. You MAY choose to post your Channel's banner instead of a written title, if your banner includes the title.
    3. Post a short but informative description of what your channel is all about. Don't post a one-liner. Tell people why they should check your Channel, and what they should expect to find.
    4. Please don't bomb this thread with videos. Pick ONE (1) video you think might attract people's interest the best, and embed it into your post by copying & pasting the long link to the video.
    5. Post the Link to your Channel at the BOTTOM of your post, if possible as the last line. Again, you may use the "----" tag (see p.1), so post the link in the following format, without a link description:

    Posts that go against those conditions in a significant way will be deleted by a staff member. I will ask you once (1) to please fix your post accordingly before those actions will be taken, but please make an effort right away.

    Please restrict posts on here to the topic at hand, which means the channels. Commenting on channels is fine, being a dick about it is not. Stay constructive. Give tips if possible

    Again, those conditions are supposed to benefit us all by making this thread as accessible for interested users as possible.

    I will Index posted Channels on the post below, once enough people plugged theirs.

  2. #432862012-11-25 11:52:55Jake said:

    Channel name - JH134

    my channel has 99 videos. they are from gaming (minecraft, crash bandicoot,Cod), to raps for a laugh. i also have videos with me vloging or cinnamon challenge. there is a few amv's. i have mey playing keyboard. its not a well known channel but i enjoy what i do, so just check it out if you want to pass time and we all love to pass time :). My latest video saying thanks for my first ever video getting over 1000 views. www.youtube.com/watch?v=71maYMM4GmM

  3. #434102012-11-26 16:20:04 *AiNikoru said:

    Channel Name: AiNikoru

    My channel is about making anime videos with movie maker and sony vegas. the ones pass nov 4 are made with sony vegas. The before is movie maker with special effects. I have 14 videos but I've made tons over the years. My old account was deleted cause of reasons i wish not to explain its personal :(

    The reason why they should check it out is because i make videos for everyone. :D I take allot of my time to makes theses videos just so maybe 100 people see it. Even if one of you guys see's it ill be happy. Lastly i make videos with movie maker (free program) to show everyone that even though you don't got money for Sony vegas you can still make a video that is close to as good as a Sony vegas one. Here is a video of mine: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjW6SurqbOM made with sony vegas. Hope you guys like it :D

  4. #898082015-05-18 05:55:36 *--Jack-- said:

    havent made many videos since last winter, so I figured I'd step up my game with this cinematic short using rockstar's editor in GTAV. Feedback and comments are welcomed~

  5. #1083312016-12-10 16:21:45Kirn said:

    @DarkChaplain, we had our good times, we had our bad times. But even after leaving, you helped me out by making this thread. Because I am about to present CL with my own Youtube channel. Yes, I am finally reaching out to all the people out there.

    Kirn's Youtube channel!

    So, what's in there? Well, among the AMVs that I made, I am now making gaming videos. You know, Let's Plays. While commenting on what the fuck is happening. So, if you are interested in some games and can't/won't play them yourself - you might find something on there.

    Games I already did (links lead to part 1 of each letsplay):
    Saw: The Videogame
    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
    Through The Woods
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Now, quality is really fucking far from perfect yet. But I am getting there. And today I got me a new good microphone, AND I started recording a horror game... So yeah, stay tuned, this is gonna be a lot of fun.

    That's about it. How do they say on youtube? Subscribe, like, or don't like, comment, tell your friends, make your pets subscribe, whatever it fucking takes.

  6. #1083422016-12-12 01:19:05Rebel said:

    Sub.. aint really got time to watch all those past videos.. but if your new vids show up in notifications, I'll watch it

  7. #1083482016-12-12 12:33:20Xyopq said:

    @Kirn My friend and I are travelling together and he's posting vlogs of our endeavours. While it's his channel and he does the majority of the editing, I'm in them and also help film/edit etc. Would that be ok to post?

  8. #1083492016-12-12 16:47:59Kirn said:

    @Xyopq no idea why you ask me, I am not the boss of this thread. But you can search for 'youtube' in search bar. Use titles search. I'd say, what you described might go either here or into youtube series thread.

  9. #1083562016-12-12 21:41:28Xyopq said:

    I have no idea why I asked you either, I was browsing late and had just read your post on the Youtube channel I think. Sorry about that (but thanks)

    I meant @DarkChaplain