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  1. Yu-gi-oh six samurai

    #432802012-11-25 08:10:12 *DeathByMagic said:

    If you play yugioh what do you think of six samurai. I run a six sam deck and it own's everyone should just stop complaining. I mean dark-worlds should be ban more than six am right?

  2. #432872012-11-25 13:33:54 *Lycan said:

    I think Six Samurai decks are pretty fucked up to be honest. I've met a couple of decks but I don't remember much... but they're kinda meta and I don't like meta. I actually play a Dark World deck myself and I think it's the other way around. Thanks to Shi En you get to negate almost everything with a Six Samurai deck, while a Darkworld deck might be more destructive on the field it's easy to block it and make a comeback.

  3. #433232012-11-26 03:35:59BeastBoy said:

    I agree with @Lycan Six sams are kinda the most over powered cards in the game, negating everything and junk. It's almost impossible to beat a well put together six sam deck, So frustrating.

  4. #435602012-11-28 14:09:11Warlock said:

    Alright, thread closed. Feel free to PM me if you want to make another one. It's clearly way off topic at this point.