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Parent: Colorless Youtube Whoring Thread

  1. #434102012-11-26 16:20:04 *AiNikoru said:

    Channel Name: AiNikoru

    My channel is about making anime videos with movie maker and sony vegas. the ones pass nov 4 are made with sony vegas. The before is movie maker with special effects. I have 14 videos but I've made tons over the years. My old account was deleted cause of reasons i wish not to explain its personal :(

    The reason why they should check it out is because i make videos for everyone. :D I take allot of my time to makes theses videos just so maybe 100 people see it. Even if one of you guys see's it ill be happy. Lastly i make videos with movie maker (free program) to show everyone that even though you don't got money for Sony vegas you can still make a video that is close to as good as a Sony vegas one. Here is a video of mine: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjW6SurqbOM made with sony vegas. Hope you guys like it :D