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  1. Hey, you, yeah you

    #434722012-11-27 10:25:12ketaro said:

    I have 1 post and am in the 80th percentile.

    Explain to this old fool what this percentile is and why it says I'm better than 80% of you lazy bums?

    insert undeserved smugness

  2. #434742012-11-27 10:55:58SENsei said:

    Joining The Colorless makes you 80% cooler

    That's what they want you to think so you actually join. The percentile should actually be seen as an indicator of the degree to which the opposite sex finds you repulsive. Which isn't exactly bad, I mean, it's bad for girls because if a guy finds them repulsive, it's usually over right there. But for men, girls tend to sleep with guys they find repulsive; it's great. We'll probably never find true love, but we're gonna have soooooooo many bitches.

    insert undeserved smugness

    Saying it's undeserved yourself makes the entire post seem modest!

  3. #434762012-11-27 11:03:50SlantDuffy said:

    SEN makes a good point, the lower the number, the more socially-acceptable human being you are. The more irl you have. The more honor you have.

  4. #434822012-11-27 15:01:04Trev said:


    Welcome back.

    You have significant recorded activity from the previous version of the site.

    You also have 0 deleted objects and 0 punitive actions as of right now.

    Two posts, nothing deleted, no mutes or bans. Better than 80% of users.

    But with that winning attitude, that may change.

  5. #434852012-11-27 15:55:29 *Momimochi said:

    Though, note on what SEN posted above:

    Many have tried to master this concept but, so far, only (0.000^-400)% of the people has actually succeeded in doing so. If you'd ever bother to take a nice detour around the other thread, I assure you that you will find people attempting to pull it off (namely in here), but serving no justice to the technique whatsoever.

  6. #434922012-11-27 17:14:56 *DarkChaplain said:

    Considering the amount of punitive actions taken against me, I'm surprised I'm still at 99.9598% myself. I even had ALL my posts deleted when I got banhammered, and it didn't go down.

    But yeah, what sen said is an absolutely flawless explanation. Certain users in their 99s are the perfect example and shows admirably, how the level of repulsiveness differs in its effects depending on the user's gender.
    And, since exceptions solidify the rule, let me just point out JacquesTheZombie as the perfect proof for the validity of the whole concept.

  7. #435122012-11-27 22:39:41Trev said:


    @SENsei the content of your post is intentionally offensive, which is against the rules of the site. It has been removed.

  8. #435482012-11-28 04:37:23Mau said:
    How did I even get in the 99th percentile?
    I think it was on the 99th percentile thread and people were liking posts to help people get to the 99th.