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  1. #434912012-11-27 17:11:19 *Deftones said:

    I have it installed. Gonna give it a try now.

    Edit: Okay, the music is TOP NOTCH 8-BIT GODLIKE JIZZINMAHPANTS. Oh god I love it. People of cl, lets play some 8-bit mmo.

  2. #435622012-11-28 15:02:102-guard said:

    where is the Companion ranch? ive been wandering around the first town for an accumulation of an hour now and id like to switch out my two weak-ass slimes for other companions ive "captured"

  3. #435722012-11-28 19:55:18Hulz said:

    It's South of the bridge/first town, you can walk over those brown mountains. Go in that cave and it's back where it first introduced you to the Companion ranch.