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  1. Frog Fractions! Game of the Year, All Years! SEQUEL ON KICKSTARTER!

    #438482012-12-02 15:32:13 *DarkChaplain said:

    Official Website - Soundtrack on Bandcamp - Merchandise

    Welcome to Frog Fractions. You will learn all about fractions!

    Play for Free!

    Now, this game MIGHT seem a bit odd at first, but trust me and the other CL people who played it - THIS GAME IS PURE GENIUS!

    Mandatory Thread Rules:

    Use Spoiler-Tags when talking about solutions for certain puzzles or posting screenshots!
    Don't spoil it for people new to the game!

  2. #711892014-03-12 09:36:33DarkChaplain said:


    $26,010 pledged of $60,000 goal - 28 days to go

    Welcome to Frog Fractions 2. You'll learn all about Fractions 2!

    Ask any schoolteacher about fractions, and they'll explain that although civilization has conquered fractions thanks to our hit game "Frog Fractions," the children of today face a much graver challenge: Fractions 2. Discovered by 16th-century Portuguese mathematician Pedro Nunes, these "extra-fractional" fractions are twice as powerful and twice as confusing. Without Fractions 2, your children will never master recipes requiring 1/16/4rds of a cup of sodium demicarbonate, nor will they be able to buy the Frog Fractions 2 soundtrack for only a quarter hapenny!