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  1. The X-men

    #439492012-12-03 05:17:29 *InsaneBoredGame said:

    If you don't know who the X-men are, please open a new tab and open its Wikipedia entry. Or you could read my brief and shitty explanation here.

    1963: Stan Lee gets even more drunk while creating the Marvel Universe. Decides to write a story about "The Mutants", in which five white children and their equally white (and somewhat pedophillic) teacher with superpowers are a metaphor for all minority groups. Editor thinks the title is bullshit. Renamed the X-men. With an "X" for X-traordinary. Magneto is introduced. The fanbase hasn't established themselves enough to go crazy.

    1975: Fucking kids got themselves lost on an island. After getting another group of kids killed while trying to rescue the first group, Xavier gives in and recruits a bunch of adults. The X-men get multicultural. Fanbase establishes and proceed to worship Claremont like a god.

    1975- Almost present: Stuff happens. Four movies, three cartoons, and one anime are made. Jean dies but doesn't then does. The Summers win the award for "most confusing family".

    Now: Mutants are off the endangered species list. Logan's headmaster. Scott fixed things but got crazy and killed Xavier (the father figure who was in love with his wife but never ditched him to become a space pirate like his real dad). Relaunch time!

  2. #439502012-12-03 05:51:13JoJoBird said:

    I enjoyed the post it made me laugh. I have dabbled in a few comic lines of Xmen, also went crazy on the wikipedia and looked up everything I could find of Xmen, and a fan of the cartoons and movies(for the most part).

    I read one recently called Xmen Forever written by Chris Claremont in 2009, which had all kinds of weird stuff. Shadowcat becomes badass, Nightcrawler becomes human, I highly recommend the series but I think it was cut too short before it was able to be wrapped up.

    I would like to read more Xmen but I don't know where to start or what series are good ones, if you have any recommendations please send them over. I would like to read some spinoff stuff or alternate universe stuff so then I actually have a beginning and won't be totally lost lol.

  3. #441542012-12-05 23:20:00InsaneBoredGame said:


    Marvel has some good stuff collected under "Essential X-men". Also, check out Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-men and Schism to explain most of the stuff going on nowadays. The most recent crisis crossover Avengers vs X-men was absolutely terrible but Avengers vs X- men: Consequences (it's epilogue) was simply amazing.

    Following that there was a relaunch a month ago called Marvel Now, the current flagship title is All New X-men. It's written by Brian Michael Bendis, so it alternates between "decent" and "utter crap".

    The dude also wrote M-day (while being pretty horrible) is necessary along with the Dark Phoenix Saga just to understand what the hell is going on in these books.

    Or just go ahead and grab every copy of Uncanny X-men that you can. That shit ties into everything...