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  1. #440052012-12-04 01:51:32Kip said:

    i don't mind sharing but i'd rather not have everybody and their mother see my skype name and try to add me on there.

    if anyone wants it, throw me a PM. i'll add you if i actually like you.

  2. #440082012-12-04 02:02:47DarkChaplain said:

    DarkChaplain, obviously.
    Don't bother adding me if you're aware that I don't like you, though. And please, make it obvious who the fuck you are when requesting. I want to know who I'm gonna reject :V

  3. #440262012-12-04 03:15:29DarkChaplain said:

    Ask, but I'll probably add you and never talk to you.

    THIS IS WHAT I'M EXPERIENCING A LOT! CLtards also added me on Facebook once in a while, for whatever stupid reasons...

  4. #440312012-12-04 03:45:43Momimochi said:

    Lol, I was completely CL safe from facebook until someone (not Perry someone) apparently uploaded this adorable video. I sacrificed my privacy.

  5. #440482012-12-04 09:31:37momo said:

    I will never talk to you people.

    I have >150 contacts already, and stay Invisible so that I don't have to get random IMs.

    I don't want any more.