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  1. What's your opinion on Windows 8?

    #440042012-12-04 01:42:21Ashkachan said:

    (This is a discussion thread on a very controversial OS. I figured this is kind of an important discussion for a fourm to have really.)

    Someone in my family brought up Windows 8 a few days ago. And it got me thinking, a lot actually. Is Microsoft finally starting to kick the PC aside and focus on something almost everyone has nowadays? That is; cellphones and tablets.

    What's your opinion on Windows 8 CL? Is it better designed than Windows 7? Or is it Vista 2.0?

    See how Windows 8 looks here.

  2. #440062012-12-04 01:52:06 *DarkChaplain said:

    Its shit. Plain and simple.

    What few improvements it brings (startup times, shutdown times, new task manager...) get undermined by all the stuff that IS NOT included.

    The start menu is one thing that sucks, but did you know that the detailed info panel on Win8 is ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN instead of, you know, at the bottom of the explorer window?
    Or how you have to download Minesweeper and Solitaire as APPS from the store and play them in FULLSCREEN?!

    You have to jump through a lot of hoops for what would be considered Basic Functionality in Win7, or even XP. The MetroUI is just the tip of the iceberg.

    It is NOT Vista all over again. Vista, for all its flaws, had the right ideas, but didn't bother polishing them. Windows 8 stepped up what Vista tried and succeeded with the whole offering, and even a fully patched Vista is a really solid OS these days.
    Windows 8 is not, and is heading into a direction that is more than just cancerous for Home PC usage.

    This user has been using Win8 for a couple of days, legit Windows 8 Pro Media Center edition. It took him a whole night to get it into basic working condition, which means his everyday use Software and Drivers were installed, the Start Menu and Taskbar Additions were restored and system .dll files edited to workaround some changes to the interface that were simply obnoxious to deal with.
    He's seen the beast and warns you out of personal experience to stick close to your guns - aka Windows 7.

  3. #440132012-12-04 02:22:57Cr0w said:

    I hate it. After researching it extensively, and understanding why Devs and different companies hate it, I tried buying a computer with Win7 only to realize that every retailer in the world jacked up the prices on Win7 Pcs because they're trying to push their Win8 crap. Sheer rage...

  4. #440182012-12-04 02:41:15Chestnut_Rice said:

    Am I the only guy who actually likes the start screen? I haven't used it enough to have any sort of concrete opinion, though. The extent of my experience with it has been checking Facebook and Googling some stuff on a friend's machine. And no, Windows isn't giving up on PCs.

  5. #440322012-12-04 03:52:45Zefferno said:

    I tried the developer version in April, I installed it during 4th period, played with it during lunch, removed it during 5th period. The start screen is so hard to navigate, and the task manager is so weird I couldn't use it. I do not recommend it.

  6. #440402012-12-04 04:27:31InsaneBoredGame said:

    To be honest, it's not that bad. The boot times are a lot quicker and the functionality it pretty much the same. I'm not a fan of mobile-like apps or account integration, but y'know, small fries...

  7. #440412012-12-04 04:59:38RagingPeace said:

    Some of the ideas in Windows 8 seem great. It would have been great, except the whole change to mobile-style interfaces. In my opinion, Windows 8 could be compared to Vista. They both had great ideas that worked, but the way they tried to implement them into the operating system somewhat ruined them. If Microsoft had made two different types of Windows 8 systems, one made especially for tablets and the other for PCs, I think that it would have been better off for them. There are just somethings on PCs that you cannot do on tablets and vice-versa. But in the end, I guess people would have to adapt to a new OS, as many did from XP to Vista / Windows 7.

  8. #440722012-12-04 16:24:02Flywalker37 said:

    Gramps is buying me a laptop but INSISTS he gets me Win8, and won't listen to my cries for Win7.

    How do the Win8 computers fare with games like Vindictus, Starcraft, Dungeon Fighter Online, World of Warcraft, and MineCraft?

  9. #440742012-12-04 16:32:59Trev said:

    The UI is the result of some very misguided user experience testing. Apart from that though it seems reliable and performs fairly well when running apps.

    As a developer, though, I depend way too much on overlapping windows and workspaces to migrate until the user interface has all the ugly kinks worked out of it.

  10. #440822012-12-04 19:01:21InsaneBoredGame said:


    Gramps is buying me a laptop but INSISTS he gets me Win8, and won't listen to my cries for Win7.

    Oh my god, that must be terrible for you. Your grandfather buying you decent laptop with a UI you dislike? You poor child...

  11. #440862012-12-04 19:46:47Ashkachan said:

    @Flywalker37 don't be selfish, there's members on here that don't have much of anything.

    Just install Windows 7 if you hate 8 so much, simple.

    Also, it depends on the laptop not kind of windows oftentimes. Usually Vista to 7 can run those, and I'm sure 8 can too.

  12. #441112012-12-05 11:55:25DarkChaplain said:

    Damn, once again you don't even want to do basic research yourself. Games DO work well on Win8, but you won't get shiny shitty UI-tiles with most of them, unless they're getting verified and approved by MS.

    Minecraft-developer Notch has promptly told MS to fuck off when they asked him to put forth Minecraft. If you've ever seen how long it usually takes MS to fucking check X360 titles or patches before they may go live, you'll easily see why.

    But honestly, you're an idiot, kiddo. If you can't bloody reinstall an OS you prefer, you're even more incompetent than I thought you were.

  13. #441202012-12-05 14:53:05TCManila said:

    IMHO, It's good for me.

    I've handled some of these babies in our local Windows 8 events, so I can assure myself that Windows 8 is a must-buy for me (which means I won't buy an Android device just because).

  14. #441302012-12-05 16:37:02 *DarkChaplain said:


    Kid, you're ridiculous. Not even your excuses are worth a damn.
    Incompetence all around. Should have definitely know you'd pussy out like you always do.

    Also I don't really feel like it

    Then deal with it, don't complain or ask stupid questions. I wonder how you even reached your current age of 12 with that kind of attitude and absolute lack of initiative.

    QQ Moar, I guess.