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  1. #441152012-12-05 12:35:58DeathByBiscuit said:

    I wonder if it'll end up like all the pokemon MMOs that have been fan made and then stomped by nintendo. Might as well enjoy it while I can.

  2. #441432012-12-05 18:10:26Warlock said:

    I love how the character's point of view is. That's how the game should have been I think.It needs a bit of work though. But it's got potential.

  3. #449192012-12-18 01:12:54Warlock said:

    @3ccles: They have some pretty 3d-esque things, but nothing that really classifies as 3D I think. Pokemon has always been a 2D game, besides the GameCube/Wii games.

    The 3DS 3D option for 3DS games sucks as well. It honestly makes the images worse, since it takes clarity away.