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Disney Chorus Medley (song choosing)

  1. #48082012-01-07 01:04:33MrTrain said:

    Oh let me clarify what I meant by princess songs. I actually meant any song from disney princess movies. I think the reason I wanted to do princess movies in the first place was a chance of a dream cast when acostoss as Aurora and n1xx as Ariel, just for a chance of that happening. But if more songs from non-princess movies are suggested I don't mind this being General disney, I'm up for that as well.

  2. #49322012-01-07 10:31:36Shirosuke said:

    Be a Man - Mulan

    Part of Your World - the Little Mermaid

    Reflection - Mulan

    (Mulan is not really a princess though XD)

  3. #60132012-01-12 07:11:31n1xx said:

    @MrTrain I'll participate in any way I can. ~

    I plan on auditioning for princess solos and I would also like to assist you as an editor, if ever you need the help. ;]

  4. #60812012-01-12 15:51:00MrTrain said:

    @n1xx Oh yay! You know a project will be good if n1xx joins in. Thanks.

    I guess we have enough suggestions for now. Now to pick 7 out of the many.