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  1. Merry Merry Barfday Today!

    #442072012-12-06 08:29:32JoJoBird said:

    Today the 6th of December of the twelfth year of the third millennium after the year of our Lord @JoshtheMech turns another year older. Please give your best regards and wishes to a very cool person. Also I brought the cake Josh.

  2. #443182012-12-07 17:42:48 *DarkChaplain said:

    Uhm, today (12/6) is my birthday too. I am now 16. Still lazy as fuck. Happy birthday JTM!

    Three things:

    1. Who gives a damn about your birthday, especially when you have ask for attention like that :V
    2. Yeah... nope, you're probably 13 now, and I'm being extremely generous there :V
    3. And you're still proud of being a lazy kid incapable of doing anything on his own or showing even a little initiative without pussying out 2 minutes into anything?

    Happy 13th.