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Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. #524312013-04-07 05:23:55awkwardangels said:

    Please learn how to make distinctions between original work and animu adaptions. What is good in one medium doesn't necessarily end up just as good in another.

    Please learn how to stop fucking attacking me~~~~~~

  2. #524322013-04-07 05:38:15 *Mau said:

    Girls stop it, you're both beautiful!

    Also, on-topic the animation in that preview looks really slick, so I'm just gonna put this on my list of things to watch, never read the manga so I'll check that out now in the mean time, but that colored manga page threw me off a bit.

    Somethings were never meant for a swimsuit.

  3. #530522013-04-14 02:19:31 *awkwardangels said:


    I think Mikasa's the prettiest character in anime right now. Best of all she doesn't rely on 'KAWAII OGUUU' features.

    Despite the filler in episode 2, wow. This entire episode was brutal, showed how awful their world is, Eren was fucking fantastic in this episode, and WOW THE ARMORED TITAN WAS DONE WONDERFULLY.

    Oh, and Hanne's breakdown scene in front of Eren and Mikasa made me cry. That would've been so easy to mess up but I ended up crying.

    The ending seaquence was so beautiful, and by far the best ending this season because it's basically Mikasa's arc, and how she grows up to her current self. It's done so well and beautifully.

  4. #530612013-04-14 07:54:29SENsei said:

    Please learn how to stop fucking attacking me~~~~~~

    This thread is all about attacks though. Giants attacking. People attacking. Users attacking! And if you fail to see that Samurai Bride is the most complex and deep anime of the season, that's your own problem.

  5. #530622013-04-14 08:01:51DarkChaplain said:

    I think Mikasa's the prettiest character in anime right now.


    and by far the best ending this season

    What is it with you and proclaiming things "best" or "prettiest" and so on, seemingly at random, without knowing the alternatives?

    I hope you have watched the rest of Spring season by now, otherwise.... refer to the last page.

  6. #530852013-04-14 13:17:54hellstorm901 said:

    Misaka is somewhat pretty and has her charm. More to do with the author not oversexualising her I guess.

    This is one of those Anime where I'm going to allow time to pass for enough episodes to come out to warrant a sit down to watch them rather than one at a time.

  7. #531142013-04-14 20:14:21Warlock said:

    It obviously reminds me of that Jack the Giant Slayer Movie that came out not too long ago. Anyways, the series is good, and you guys should watch it. However, it's not the best this season. I'm also scared to think of how this series will end, since I think everyone is going to die.

  8. #532232013-04-16 01:27:41awkwardangels said:

    I'd like to take a moment to alert people that Sasha Blouse is being voiced by Yu Kobayashi. Yes, the girl who has voiced traps and... lord knows what else is voicing the character who makes this face in the manga.


    I really hope the potato incident is in the anime because that's seriously the funniest thing I've ever read.

  9. #532882013-04-17 01:11:49 *SENsei said:

    Yes, everything is the "[blank]-est thing I've ever watched/read" when you're going through your trends. We got that.

  10. #533692013-04-18 00:34:16Momimochi said:


    This was great to look at.

    Until I noticed the big, huge, dip in the middle of the first row was still taller than me.

  11. #534402013-04-18 13:30:58awkwardangels said:

    I find it funny that Levi's so small compared to Mikasa and Eren. And he's the oldest of all the characters listed. (18-21 range at least. He's been fighting Titan's for awhile I think.)

    What a perfectionist midget.

  12. #534572013-04-18 16:16:50zatsunen said:

    Watched the first two eps and it seems promising with the great animation. Read the manga and I'm not sure if it was because I was half asleep/drunk but it's kind of confusing and way too fast-paced. I actually like the anime adaptation is better.

    I don't know if it's just me, but whenever the giants smile creepily, I am reminded of that photo @SENsei posted up of himself. DAT CHESHIRE GRIN.