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Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. #560422013-05-21 15:55:46 *Noodle said:
    Yeah, stick to the spoiler thread please.

    Spoiler (Show)
    Also, if you spoil one more thing obviously on purpose and won't even edit the post afterwards when people complain about it, I will personally see to it that you are banned, one way or another. notreallybutgoshpleasedon'tspoilok?
  2. #568542013-06-01 00:54:42Shidei said:

    Ahh this is such a great anime. It got me interested in reading the manga too. Anyone know how often the manga updates?

  3. #568682013-06-01 02:21:05Shidei said:

    @awkwardangels Good to know; thanks! c: 'Cause it's been a few weeks since I caught up, and there haven't been any new chappies. I'm nearly dying of curiosity right now ovo;;

  4. #568712013-06-01 02:31:52Shidei said:

    @awkwardangels Yeah. Gosh there are a lot of cliffhangers XD Totally worth it when it gets to the next chapter, though. c: And the large amount of pages is very nice. It'd be horrible if we had to wait a month for just 15 pages ;w;

  5. #571012013-06-04 00:33:46MrTingles said:

    I started it... So far, it seems okay, I reckon. Entertaining, but not really amazing. I'll probably keep watching, though.

  6. #571742013-06-04 03:27:27kaykiii said:

    Whats better than watching medieval dual-blade weilding spidermen fighting against a bunch of giant cannibal exhibitionists? Yeah. Let that sink in for a moment.

  7. #575372013-06-04 23:52:51Namida said:

    Not bad at all, one of the few new animes im following. Those giant nude weird-faces dudes got my attention (not like a fetish or anything, ew!), but you know, i needed to see what was the deal involving such a bizarre stuff. I almost lost my nerves on a few episodes, too much drama about "oh no, we can't do anything, we are hopeless", annoyed me a little bit, but i think it was something personal. It has a pretty good rythm, and always keeps you guessing at the end of each episode. And yeah, the opening parodies just keep getting better and better.