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Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. #633312013-09-05 22:51:21awkwardangels said:


    Holy fucking shit. This chapter isn't even scanlated yet, and I'm already vibrating. I can already say that things do happen, very important things.

    Irvin got his arm eaten, and he ends up rescuing Eren without a fucking arm. But he injures Bert in the process, which sits uneasy with me.

    And you know that Titan that ate Eren's mom? Yeah, that Titan shows up again. Eren's really going to freak out next chapter.

  2. #634672013-09-09 16:31:20Shinsengumi said:

    For every anime. .. I always think the first OP is way better than the second OP, until I re-listen the second OP several time ¬ w ¬ . . .

  3. #640272013-09-27 18:08:42judar said:

    It all ends tomorrow! I will miss slaying Titans with my amigos and having small heart attacks when supposedly immune-to-plot characters are not immune to the plot.

  4. #642782013-10-05 19:13:01 *awkwardangels said:

    Alright, I think I've recovered from chapter 50 enough to talk about it. Obvious spoilers, you have been warned.


    Eren's King of Titans now??? He can control them in his human form. Even other Titan shifters, though they can fight it. This is why Reiner, Bertholt, and Annie wanted Eren so badly. He has a power that he never knew he had before, but he can control other Titans.

    Hannes is dead, and Jean is injured. Ymir, Bertholt, and Reiner are screwed. Christa was such a fucking badass in this chapter. Mikasa had some character development and I thought she was going to confess to Eren.

    Oh, and Eren's climbed up on my favorite character list. Hell yeah.

    Where the hell is Grisha Jeager.

  5. #642892013-10-06 03:28:15PureBoredom said:

    Would like to say that I highly doubt he is the Ape Titan, based on his inquisitiveness on the 3D Maneuver Gear and the unfortunate man to run into him

    Also would like to say the Ape Titan is probably super invulnerable with that fur around his neck, probably really tough shit that would be...

  6. #643132013-10-06 18:18:24awkwardangels said:


    That's the only thing that I can think of that's against Grisha being the ape Titan. Everything else just points to him, though. Honestly, the ape Titan has the same power as Eren right now, and who was the one who gave him that power? Why wouldn't Grisha test it on himself before Eren?

    Then again, another theory I have is that Grisha works for the wall cult. They've already been shown to be very shady, and they have a lot of knowledge of Titans.

    Who knows though, all I know is that I greatly dislike Grisha Jeager.

  7. #650962013-10-28 16:33:25 *judar said:

    Next up on the "reallly goddamn sad chinese cartoons" show is the Levi backstory, with cute side-characters! Who you know will die! Oh, joy!

    But seriously, those pigtails are adorable as heck and some of it's translated already! You can read it here !



  8. #667892013-11-30 19:47:55Anemone1 said:

    I finished the animated version of Shingeki no Kyojin this week. It was a spectacular experience watching the show and wondering after the end of each episode what would happen next. I hope that the entire series itself continues to rise in popularity.