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Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. #546052013-05-01 02:29:18 *9mm said:

    guys. titans are people.

    staff note: spoiler was kindly fixed by staff.
    do not read, kthnxbye.

  2. #546072013-05-01 02:36:07 *Mau said:
    Not sure either, but dick move all the same.
    Hey man, did you forget to select BBCode or just dick move?
  3. #546092013-05-01 02:50:39awkwardangels said:

    It's funny because Titan-shifters have actually been confirmed as humans. Not normal Titans, not yet anyway.

    You're wrong in a way, lol.

  4. #546142013-05-01 02:57:15awkwardangels said:

    I was saying that you're half correct. As in TITAN-SHIFTERS are humans. They're still Titans but humans. Think of half human half Titan.

    At least I mark my spoilers, eh.

  5. #546162013-05-01 03:03:20 *awkwardangels said:

    I AT LEAST MARK MY SPOILERS???????????????


    Now that I think about it, there should really be a option to click on spoilers instead of hovering over them. I dunno, I think hovering over them is easy to do since people don't have control of their mice or even browser at times.

  6. #546222013-05-01 06:37:47 *bleachedsnow said:

    @53369 Whoa, I didn't think I'd be taller than Rivialle. Can't wait for Rivaille to show up, he's my favorite character! And voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya <3


  7. #546262013-05-01 07:34:09SENsei said:

    It's already known that I help anyone within my inner of circle of circlejerking online friends. I'm a super bias person.

  8. #554042013-05-12 07:46:39Momimochi said:

    The reason why giants doesn't have male genitals. When the author was drawing the manga, he discussed with the producers whether to include the male genital in or not but then they thought, if let's say in real life a 180cm man's penis is approx 10cm, then the 60m tall titan would have a penis with the length of approx 3m... come to think of it, a giant running with his thing swinging side to side... ;O So the author decided that giants will not have male genitals.

    I am. Forever. Laughing.

  9. #555212013-05-14 00:23:30PigBoss said:

    @9mm The credits go to 4chan. Was posted on gelbooru. Used tinychat because no one else wanted to accept a 2.77 MB gif file.

  10. #555202013-05-14 00:11:20Warlock said:

    At least last episode of Shingeki was great. I was almost thinking about dropping it earlier because the action was slow. Eren turned into a badass.

  11. #560232013-05-21 11:46:05 *Noodle said:

    Are you serious? I mean this looks fucking badass, but are you serious?

    Oh it's fan made. Is it weird that I'm disappointed?

    Also, give me a Shadow of The Colossus Style game and I'll die happy.

    If I die within 5 minutes of completing the game, that is.