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  1. Holiday Wishlist Swap!

    #443822012-12-09 15:42:44 *momo said:

    Hey everyone, wanna buy stuff for others, but don't wanna go through the hassle of actually, ya know, shipping gifts out? Instead, why don't we all post our wishlists here, so that we can all buy gifts for eachother.

    While you don't have to buy a gift for others if you post your wishlist in this thread, please be a nice person and try to at least grab something for someone. Leeches aren't cool.

    Master List Listing Users' Wishlists







    Post in the thread and I'll add you here!

  2. #443862012-12-09 17:29:05RenPikaaa said:
    @acostoss Oh my, Fable lost chapters ! I wouldve given you a hard copy of that ! Boxxed and everything ! If i didnt give it to my girlfriend =3=

    But here's mine:

  3. #444072012-12-10 07:59:11real said:

    AWE ! I want to participate too , ... can I has some presents ^^ though I do not know whether or not amazon works in Malaysia I mean if someone bought something for me , can it be shipped to Malaysia ?? fuc , Im so noob do reply me :D thanks

  4. #444222012-12-10 17:00:27 *DarkChaplain said:

    Oh well, guess I'll join the gift-whoring :V


    I'm not using Amazon to order stuff myself, so I won't buy you stuff off there either.
    Steam's a possibility, though. However, if you know that I don't like you, don't get your hopes up. Does this look insolent enough or should I add another 20 or so items?