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  1. Ai Weiwei Never Sorry (documentary)

    #444172012-12-10 15:20:59 *Kirn said:

    As you know, from time to time I make threads about documentaries I watch. Well, actually, you might not know that because all my threads are now deleted. Oh well, now you know. Here's the new one I watched recently:

    Ai Weiwei (born 18 May 1957) is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism. That's what wikipedia tells us. While the movie tells us about this guy, about his life and his work, it is centered much more on his fight against how Chinese government operates and conceals its mistakes. And talking bad about Chinese government while living there can actually be not the best idea.

    I can tell you right now, that this is not really the movie about art. You might look at it in a broader sense like 'his life is a form of art', and you will see some (quite weird) art during the movie, but that's not what it is about. Which I was glad for, cause I didn't really like this guy's art that was shown. However, being famous and using your fame to fight the government, to employ volunteers and fanbase in protests, to push your opinion through twitter, therefore bypassing the Great Chinese Firewall - now that interested me. So if you are interested in such stuff, I recommend you this documentary.

    Warning: the movie got some harsh language, some blood and really disturbing art.

  2. #444182012-12-10 16:18:12Zefferno said:

    This looks like an amazing documentary and I would love to see it. The art Ai makes looks amazing and I agree with you; the part about him using his fame to fight china looks really interesting, almost inspiring.

  3. #444232012-12-10 18:18:599mm said:

    I respect the dude a lot. And he is not Andy Warhol of China. Andy Warhol is a piece of shit.